Yep, Your Diet Lacks Nutrients

May 28, 2013

Fruits and VeggiesSince humans started cultivating fruits and vegetables, we’ve been selectively breeding them to be sweeter, starchier, and oilier. Those were ok qualities to have when humans needed high calorie diets, but they come at the cost of nutrients. The lack of nutrients has contributed to modern problems like cancer, diabetes, dementia.

If you want to put nutrient dense produce back into your diet, go for wild plants like dandelions or strains closer to their wild version. Brighter, darker colored fruits and veggies have more nutrients, so let that guide you around the grocery store.

Of course, good selection isn’t available year round, and the majority of what you find at any time of year isn’t going to be the good stuff. Most crop selection today isn’t done with nutrients in mind—it’s done to increase yield, to increase qualities that bugs despise (so they don’t eat it), to make it more marketable (again, more sweet, less nutrients).

The best way to support your health is with a daily multivitamin. Because there’s a lot you need to run ideally, check out Welltient Trio to cover all your bases. It will give you all the basics your cells need.

Do you consider nutrition when shopping the produce aisle?

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