You’ll Believe It When You Try It

May 13, 2014

VitaminsFor many, taking a daily multivitamin is a bit abstract. Many doctors recommend doing it. If you have specific health conditions (like Crohn’s) you know you’re supposed to. You want to protect and support your health, but you don’t really see the difference in a day, so the cost, or having to remember, or whatever else slows you from taking them.

Now, you would probably assume that our most popular multivitamin is Welltrient One—a general catch all that’s right for just about everyone. Or Welltrient Trio, which is a good place to start for people looking to take a daily multivitamin (Welltrient Trio adds antioxidant and heart supporting supplements to Welltrient One).

Actually, two of our most popular vitamin supplements are ones people take with specific results in mind, D.S.A. MGRx and Body RLF. Why? Because people try them, and notice a difference right away!

For people prone to stress and depression, D.S.A. can be a daily tool to help ensure natural balance within the mind. Usually people tell us they notice a difference in 2-3 days.

After a stiff night, tough workout, or injury, Body RLF can help ease aches and pains. People with chronic injuries can benefit from adding it to their daily regimen, while everyone else can just take a few as needed (and if your sleep is interrupted by aches that lead to tossing and turning, try taking Body RLF before bed!).

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