While it’s generally a personal question, sorting out what’s right for you can be tricky. “How much colloidal gold should I take?”. Where you even begin to explore that question can be tricky—how much is it based on your physical vs. mental attributes, for example? 

Let’s explore how much colloidal gold should you take and more, like what is colloidal gold and when to take colloidal gold.

What is Colloidal Gold?

Before getting into “how much colloidal gold should I take?’, it’s good to make sure we know what is colloidal gold.

Briefly, colloidal gold, true, pure, high-quality colloidal gold, is made up of pure gold nanoparticles suspended in water. It should be a red-orange color, since suspended particles will reflect light. Ionic solutions, where the particles are dissolved, don’t reflect light, they’re clear, and ionic gold solutions should be avoided!

Why Do People Take Colloidal Gold?

With reported benefits including better memory, focus, coordination, concentration, energy, mood, hand-eye coordination and more, it’s no wonder people take colloidal gold.

It’s thought that when we used gold more—not just as a coating on jewelry, but as coins, cups, and more—when we were touching and interacting with gold more, we were absorbing some benefit as gold particles rubbed off.

Size Matters: How Much Colloidal Gold Should I Take?

One thing to consider when calculating “how much colloidal gold should I take?” is body size. A bigger person may need a little more, smaller a little less—you might need to experiment to find the right amount for you.

Because the nanogold particles are small enough to move freely, people with digestive issues (who may struggle with absorbing normal nutrients) don’t need to worry.

How Much Colloidal Gold Should I Take for General Support?

For general support, the answer to “how much colloidal gold should I take?” can be as simple as 1 tablespoon each day. If you’re just looking to enhance mental faculties like memory, focus, concentration, or if you’re just trying to find a better, more stable balance of things like mood and energy, 1 tablespoon a day is a good starting place.

If you’re not taking colloidal gold daily, but just as an occasional boost, you can stick with the 1 Tablespoon, or go for more.

How Much Colloidal Gold Should I Take for More Support?

If you’re looking for a bigger boost, try 2 Tablespoons of colloidal gold per day, or for your occasional boost.

When figuring out how to answer “how much colloidal gold should I take?”, you can start with 1 or 2 tablespoons, but then be prepared to adjust. Try the amount you think you need for a week or two—long enough to even out your experiences over a longer time so you can get a feel for you, colloidal gold, and other support you may be giving yourself (like meditation and other self-care).

How Much Colloidal Gold Should I Take On Vacation?

A common question we get/problem we’ve helped solve is “how much colloidal gold should I take on vacation?”. Once you get a routine that works for you, don’t interrupt it! But traveling with a bunch of liquids is unnecessarily complicated, and there’s always the chance they’ll freeze or burst in your luggage. And liquids are heavy—if you’re taking a longer trip, the amount you are carrying with you could add up (1 tablespoon of colloidal gold is about 1 bottle of colloidal gold every 2 weeks).

An easy solution is to order some colloidal gold and ship it to your hotel, just be careful to time it right (it’s worth paying a little more for a stricter shipping time frame).

How Much Colloidal Gold Should I Take When Sick?

When you’re sick, it’s up to you. Keeping up your colloidal gold routine may help you once recovery starts and you’re working to get back on routine. On the other hand, if you’re sick enough to need some serious rest, having anything you need to do, even something as simple as taking a little colloidal gold might be more trouble than it’s worth.

Ultimately, the right amount and the right timing is up to you!

How Much Colloidal Gold is Too Much?

Setting aside the possible benefits of colloidal gold, gold is a food safe substance, so there shouldn’t be a limit to how much you can take. There’s one catch, of course: make sure that you’re only taking a high-quality colloidal gold supplement that isn’t an ionic product! Ionic gold is a neurotoxin and should be avoided!

If you answer “a lot” to “How much colloidal gold should I take?” make the most of it by spreading it out throughout your day. That gives your body the best chance of making use of it, rather than being overwhelmed by too much and passing it.

One you know “How much colloidal gold should I take” make sure you’ve got the colloidal gold on hand to meet your needs.

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Sore throats aren’t just for winter. Spring allergies and other viruses that may continue through the summer may also cause a sore throat (head colds are common some summers, and post-nasal drainage can definitely trigger a sore throat!).

Can you use colloidal silver for strep throat and other types of sore throats? In short, yes! Colloidal silver supports the immune system against many problems, including most types of sore throats.

To answer a little more thoroughly, let’s look at strep throat and how people are using colloidal silver for strep throats and more.

What Are Symptoms of Strep Throat?

Strep throat is actually fairly common, and in no way limited to children! Coughing, sneezing, and any other way you might share spit droplets helps spread strep throat. Some people may carry the bacteria that cause strep throat without being sick or showing any symptoms.

Sore throats can feel scratchy, affect your voice, make it hard to eat, and just really hurt.

Signs that your sore throat is actually strep throat include fever (more common with bacterial infections), white pus on your tonsils, red swollen tonsils, swollen lymph nodes, and aches throughout your body (a less common symptom). Sore throat symptoms like hoarseness mean it’s more likely a virus, especially if you have cold symptoms.

It doesn’t matter what your symptoms are, you can use colloidal silver for strep and other sore throats, too.

Colloidal Silver for Strep—Support Your Immune System

Colloidal silver supports the immune system, and was used for hundreds of years before antibiotics for all sorts of reasons. Today, colloidal silver is still used to support the immune system. Silver can also be used to support healthy skin.

When you take colloidal silver for strep sore throats, or as other sorts of immune support, you drink it. People who take colloidal silver for strep sore throats (or dental health support) often gargle colloidal silver before swallowing in order to maximize direct support.

For some people, sore throats become a common, recurrent problem. They often use colloidal silver for strep and other sore throat prevention, with daily support.

Get Direct Support with Colloidal Silver for Strep

Gargling with colloidal silver before swallowing your daily immune support is a great way to support dental hygiene, your tonsils, and your throat. It doesn’t require anything extra, and only takes a second. The immune support colloidal silver offers is a great way to help your body when you’re prone to strep, having trouble getting rid of it, or just worried about being exposed (people who work with children, for example, are more likely to get strep throat).

Colloidal silver for strep throat isn’t limited to support when you have symptoms—you can start to give your body support anytime, for as long as you need to, and for a while after symptoms disappear to make sure your body is able to get over it. It’s convenient, doesn’t interact with medications, and gentle.

Colloidal Silver for Strep Throat and Beyond

While bacterial sore throats are more common in children, strep still occurs in adults, although adults are more likely to suffer from viral sore throats. When you support your immune system, it doesn’t really matter the cause or type.

You can use colloidal silver for strep, other types of sore throats, or colds, sinus infections, and more. Anytime your body needs extra support, you can use colloidal silver. 

Whether you know exactly what you have or not, immune supporting colloidal silver for strep and other sore throats is an easy way to get fast support.

Other Ways to Support a Sore Throat

Colloidal silver for strep works great alongside traditional home remedies for a sore throat.

Take colloidal silver for strep (or other sore throats) throughout the day, and continue to make yourself comfortable with whatever works for you—tea with honey or lemon, over the counter pain relievers, and just plain rest.

Ongoing Support with Colloidal Silver for Strep and More

Don’t just use colloidal silver for strep—it’s great immune support year round. Support your immune system every day, because you never know what the day will bring.

Allergies, colds, and more can cause congestion, which can lead to bacterial growth and a sore throat or other problems. You can use colloidal silver in other ways to support your body, too, like as a safe way to clear your sinuses with a Sinus Flooding Kit, or in a nebulizer for lung support.

However you use colloidal silver, make sure you have some on hand before you need it. Then you can reach for colloidal silver for strep, colds, or whatever you want.

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What does “colloidal” mean? It’s an important question—knowing what a colloid is ensures you get something safe and effective when looking at products with “colloid” in the name. Unfortunately, over the years, there have been products that use the name “colloid” without really selling a true colloid—or they sell an unnecessarily impure colloid!

Light shines through a colloid.

Let’s look at what pure colloids are, why some products aren’t colloids at all or are less pure, and how you can tell them apart!

Knowing what does “colloidal” mean can help you to choose a better product, and avoid the fakes!

So, What Does “Colloidal” Mean?

“Colloidal” refers to something being a colloid, especially if it could be in another form.

A colloid is a suspension of one thing in another. Milk is a colloid, but when you dissolve sugar in water, that’s a solution.

What does “colloidal” mean, then? Let’s look at colloidal silver as an example:

Colloidal silver is a suspension of silver nanoparticles in water. That’s it, just pure nanosilver particles suspended in pure water. 

Silver nanoparticles can exist in other ways, though, too: silver nanoparticles are used to coat medical devices, and are applied to environmental surfaces to prevent germ growth, and are even used in creams and medicines. But those aren’t colloidal silvers, instead, those nanosilver particles are sometimes stabilized in different ways.

What “colloidal” means is a level of purity when it comes to something like nanosilver.

What DOESN’T “Colloidal” Mean?

Colloidal supplements have been around for a longtime and are known for their quality, so some things are called “colloidal” when they really aren’t, just to try and grab the association! Sometimes they’re colloids, but not pure colloids. Once you know what does “colloidal” mean, make sure you know about similar things! 

A solution is when one thing is dissolved in another. A solution is not a colloid, even though it might also say the ingredients are “just” silver and water, or otherwise compared to a colloid. 

Let’s keep looking at colloidal silver as an example.

If it’s a solution, then it’s a different type of silver we’re talking about: ionic silver! Ionic silver means a charged particle (missing an electron) and will be attracted to other charged particles, quickly becoming a compound (silver plus something else). Or, as seen in in vitro experiments, it will cluster around certain elements in the body.

Answering what does “colloidal” mean, it doesn’t automatically mean purity. You might see something that is a colloid, but has other ingredients that might be considered “impurities”, depending on your use. If you’re looking at colloidal supplements, than be strict about what does “colloidal” mean, and expect the purity a colloid is capable of delivering!

What Does “Colloidal” Mean for Supplement Quality?

Still looking at colloidal silver as an example, as said above, nanosilver can be present and used in many things, and in lots of ways. But when we ask “what does ‘colloidal’ mean”, we’re likely talking about supplements.

Colloidal silver is just silver nanoparticles suspended in water. Pure, NOT ionic silver nanoparticles in pure water.

That means control, and quality. Ionic silver is less useful, and potentially less safe. There are no other ingredients to worry about with a true colloid. 

A colloid is an easier, safer, all around better way to supplement certain things into your diet.

What Does “Colloidal” Mean: Choosing the Right Supplement

Once you know what does “colloidal” mean, you can spot a colloid right off. Particles suspended in water will be visible (you can’t see through milk, but you can stir in a lot of sugar or salt to water and still see through it!). And with a colloid, those particles will reflect light in all directions (a beam of light won’t shoot straight through, it will scatter to all sides).

For example, colloidal silver is a blue-gray color. Colloidal gold is a red orange. But ionic solutions are clear! Make-it-yourself fake “colloids” will either dissolve (ionic), float (especially if you’re instructed to stir up the grit) or clump.

Knowing “what does ‘colloidal’ mean” allows you to choose the best quality supplement, so you can have better value, better quality, and a true, pure colloid.

Use your knowledge of “what does ‘colloidal’ mean” and choose the best colloidal silver or colloidal gold.

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You may already take colloidal silver to support your immune system, support healthy skin and wound healing, and more. It’s natural to wonder if it could also help your furry pets—can dogs take colloidal silver? Can cats take colloidal silver? And if dogs can take colloidal silver, will it help? What about their skin?

Let’s explore if dogs can take colloidal silver (and cats!), as well as how, and why!

Can Dogs Take Colloidal Silver?

The short answer is yes! 

Just like humans, dogs can take colloidal silver. Also just like humans, “can dogs take colloidal silver” should be answered in a specific and personal way, and not just a general one. Like humans, dogs can have allergies, or have a harder time with some foods, or other quirks. Almost all dogs can take colloidal silver just fine, but you should always pay attention when giving your dog something new—a food, colloidal silver, a medicine—in case it doesn’t work for them.

So, yes dogs can take colloidal silver, but always start extra small with new things and watch how things go. In most cases, things will go well!

When Can Dogs Take Colloidal Silver?

The answer to when can dogs take colloidal silver is pretty much the same as it is for humans: dogs can take colloidal silver only when they need an extra immune boost, or they can take a little every day for ongoing support.

When deciding when can dogs take colloidal silver, consider your dogs needs. A rescue dog will likely need extra support for the first few months while they heal from any health issues they came with. Older dogs, like older humans, can benefit from ongoing support as problems are more likely to come up. Dogs who spend a lot of time outside, in their own backyard or on walks and hikes, are also more likely to catch illness (dogs can get Lyme Disease from tick bites, among other things).

Can Cats Take Colloidal Silver?

If you weren’t wondering “can dogs take colloidal silver”, then you may have been curious about cats. The same rules apply: cats can take a small amount of colloidal silver, just like dogs. Just make sure to start small and watch how they do.

Animals can’t tell us how they’re feeling, so changes in scratching, coughing, energy levels, bathroom habits, etc. are the clues we have to look for. This is when animals need a little extra help, like immune supporting colloidal silver.

When Can Cats Take Colloidal Silver?

Cats can take colloidal silver as needed or a little every day for support.

While the same consideration as to when can dogs take colloidal silver apply, like outside cats and older cats likely needing more support, cats bring an additional consideration: communicable diseases.

A household with a positive cat needs to make sure other cats are protected with things like separate water bowls and litter boxes, depending on the type of virus. Colloidal silver is extra support for all the cats in your household.

How Can Dogs Take Colloidal Silver? (And Cats Too!)

Can dogs take colloidal silver by mouth? Yes! The easiest way to give dogs or cats colloidal silver is to add just a little (like a few drops, but it really depends on how big your dog is) to their water bowl. As summer approaches, a little colloidal silver in their outside water bowl will also help to keep it fresh.

There are other ways cats and dogs can take colloidal silver, too. Skin problems can be hard to treat in dogs and cats, but colloidal silver offers gentle support. Silver has been a known way to support healthy skin in humans for centuries, and is even used today in bandages and creams. Colloidal silver is a more versatile, higher quality way (more pure) to harness the skin supporting power of silver.

You can spray colloidal silver onto skin, moisten a bandage with it, or pretty much do anything else you might come up with. We’ve had more than a few vets pick up colloidal silver for their offices, and it’s been used to help treat sinus and respiratory issues in pets (but don’t do anything you don’t already know how to do, just add it into your routine).

Why Should Dogs Take Colloidal Silver? (Or Cats?)

Dogs and cats get sick, too. They get weak with age. They’re more likely to be exposed to illness from ticks, mosquitoes, and more just walking through your yard then you, or from greeting another dog or cat. And it’s harder to pick up the early symptoms of illness.

Not only can dogs take colloidal silver (and cats!), but taking it regularly is great ongoing immune support.

Start supporting your dogs and cats with colloidal silver today.

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If you want to make sure you’re getting enough zinc—like replacing lost zinc after a stomach illness—colloidal zinc is a great way to do that. The small particle size and purity make it a great zinc delivery vehicle.

But why take any zinc at all? What are the colloidal zinc health benefits? Zinc doesn’t get as much attention as iron, calcium, or other colloids like colloidal silver and colloidal gold, but it’s still an important nutrient to know about and have in your health supporting toolkit.

So let’s take a closer look at colloidal zinc health benefits.

A Quick History of Zinc Health Benefits

Zinc has been used in various impure forms to support human health for thousands of years. 

Using zinc to support health goes back much farther than the more efficient colloidal zinc health benefits. In fact, zinc was used in one of the first known pills (140BC), which were taken for sore eyes. Over the centuries, zinc was used in whatever form it was available in to treat various ailments, both internally and topically.

As we got better at isolating zinc, developed a better understanding of the body and our health, and continued the march toward modernity, including zinc in the human diet became a more common and general way to support health.

What are Colloidal Zinc Health Benefits?

Zinc is an essential nutrient! The body uses zinc everywhere, with high concentrations in organs and bones, and it’s used in important enzymatic reactions. So while there are some specific health-supporting reasons to take zinc, it’s important to remember that it’s supporting your whole body!

It’s possible to become zinc deficient, and suspected symptoms include depression, a weakened immune system, and loss of appetite.

Colloidal zinc health benefits are spread throughout the body. Colloidal zinc allows you to specifically control your zinc intake, especially when you know illness or dietary restriction are limiting your zinc intake.

Who Needs Colloidal Zinc Health Benefits?

There are many different reasons a person might need to take colloidal zinc. Let’s start with some big (although specific) reasons to seek out colloidal zinc health benefits:

Two groups of people should be on top of their zinc intake: first up, some people have a rare condition where their body doesn’t do a good job of absorbing zinc, and a supplement can help. Second, those who have very specific, often limited diets should make sure they’re getting colloidal zinc health benefits (as well as taking other nutrients). Some common health foods may block zinc use by the body, so a diet with a lot of variety is important.

One big group of people who need zinc are those with chronic illnesses: diabetes, stomach/digestion issues, chronic liver disease, and many other chronic issues. These health problems are likely to impact zinc absorption or use, leading to deficiency.

More generally, anyone might need colloidal zinc health benefits to help them over illness. Zinc is a recommended nutrient after you’ve had diarrhea, and is commonly used to support the body fight off a cold—just make sure you have a zinc supplement on hand to start taking them at the first sign of a cold!

Modern Zinc Health Benefits

Zinc isn’t just in your daily multivitamin or supportive colloidal zinc supplement, it’s all around you. Zinc is the active ingredient in your sunscreen, fights bad breath in your toothpaste, and is often an active ingredient in diaper creams and shampoos.

Because zinc is an essential nutrient, it might already be in your daily multivitamin or your fortified grains (which aren’t as good a source of nutrients). Make sure you’re getting the right amount of zinc before seeking out colloidal zinc health benefits.

Why Colloidal Zinc Health Benefits and Not Zinc Multivitamin Benefits?

Sometimes, we just specifically needs zinc, and the benefit of colloidal zinc is that we can target our health support with a pure, one ingredient supplement (colloidal zinc is just pure zinc and water).

Colds, diarrhea, and other health events require a boost in the amount of zinc available to our body to support ourselves through. When things get rough, the body uses, or even just looses the zinc it needs to function properly.

Get colloidal zinc health benefits by having colloidal zinc on hand before you need it. Be ready to support your body right away with the extra zinc it may need!

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