The good bacteria found in fermented foods like kimchi, yogurt, kefir, and more have long been known to be good for our health. Studies have been piling up with specific ways the gut bacteria we cultivate influence us: mood (depression and motivation), cardio health, digestion, inflammation, weight, and now researchers have found that eating probiotics stimulates a specific immune system receptor.

Humans and great apes both have this third receptor, likely to aid the digestion of partly fermented foods. When we eat a bowl of yogurt or add some kimchi to our meal, we stimulate the receptor which scientists believe triggers inflammation management.

Probiotics are a part of a healthy diet. You can eat them, drink them, or get them from a probiotic supplement.

Cultivating good-for-us probiotics helps make us healthier—in addition to the direct benefits researchers are uncovering, they’re part of an important feedback loop of good habits (or without good bacteria, bad habits).

Good probiotic foods or supplements require refrigeration, have a wide variety of bacteria, and a high number of each. One example is Flora MGR, a high-quality probiotic supplement.

Because probiotics are so integral to soany aspects of our health, supporting our body with them is an important part of our health goals, whether it’s weight loss, mood management, or improving overall health. To change over to a robust colony of good bacteria can take a year. In addition to eating your way there, support the feedback loop—good habits grow good bacteria and vice versa! Sleep, exercise, fighting stress and eating veggies are all a part of a bigger picture that includes good, supportive bacteria.

Get a daily dose of probiotics with Flora MGR.

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During summer, people show off their pedicures, slip shoes on and off as they go inside/outside more, and keep cool with sandals, boat shoes, and other sock-less styles. But all those bare feet plus the summer heat can mean some serious odors! Freshen up your shoes and prevent foul odors from building up in your home with Smelly Shoe Spray.

Taking off your shoes when you enter a home is good practice—you’re preventing dirt, germs, pesticides, and pollen and other allergens from getting all over. But are your feet ready to come out? If you’ve been all over in your shoes, they might be getting smelly, and worse, making your feet smelly.

Bare feet and shoes can create a feedback loop of odor. While sandals breathe better than closed toed shoes, both are at risk for a build up of smelly germs. Sloughed off dead skin cells, a little moisture, and possibly a dark space (even just between toes) can grow yeast and other germs, leading to odor! And once it’s on your shoes, it will sort of reactivate with everywhere. All it takes is one active, sock-.less day to turn your shoes into an odor pit!

In addition to better practices (not wearing the same shoes everyday, choosing tennis shoes/socks for sweatier activities, etc.) you can breathe new life (and fresh air!) into your shoes with Smelly Shoe Spray. With an instant burst of peppermint to mask the smell, Smelly Shoe Spray fights foot germs with colloidal silver for long term protection of your shoes and feet! With natural, recognizable ingredients, it’s safe to put your bare feet in shoes treated with Smelly Shoe Spray (as long as you’re not allergic).

And it saves more than shoes. If you’re sweating in your shoes, you’re probably sweating in your clothes, too. Keep your laundry basket, gym bag, and cloth vehicle seats smelling better with an occasional burst of Smelly Shoe Spray!

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The world is already facing all sorts of changes. Antibiotic resistance, the spread of tropical mosquitoes carrying diseases, other emerging diseases like Ebola… one study has looked at dengue and related data, and projected how dengue will spread over the next 60 years. The conclusion of a number of factors? 1 in 6 of the world’s projected 10 billion people will have to experience dengue, which is also known as “breakbone fever”.

It’s already a looming threat. Right now, the best way to catch dengue is through travel to anywhere tropical. You don’t have to go far, Hawaii, the Caribbean, and South America all have infected mosquitoes, although there are efforts to eradicate it. The American South could also potentially host it, and is constantly on watch already. By 2080 (barring an eradication program) it will likely have a strong foothold there.

Here’s how dengue works, and why it’s such a problem:

Dengue is a part of a family of tropical diseases mostly spread by the mosquito Aedes Aegypti. Other diseases include Yellow Fever, Chik-V, and Zika. Symptoms vary, but all work similarly—go through it once, and get lifelong immunity. Unfortunately, immunity to one means worse symptoms to another. And that includes vaccine immunity!

The mosquito Aedes Aegypti is an urban mosquito. It like to live in homes, and under beds. Air conditioning can discourage this. It’s been known to spread by hitching a ride in a traveler’s suitcase. Because of increasing population and a warming climate, Aedes aegypti is predicted to thrive over the next few decades.

What can you do? Research where you travel. Headlines are only made when these diseases are new to an area, and stop once it’s passed through the locals and they have their immunity.

Make sure you have immune supporting colloidal silver. If you do get sick, standard advice for viruses apply—hydrate and wait it out.

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Clear Away Summer Gloom

June 11, 2019

Fresh air, more daylight hours, fresh ingredients, chirping birds, and crisp evenings… with the natural Vitamin D boost and more to enjoy during the summer, it’s natural to be feeling upbeat. But what if you aren’t? You may need more than a little Vitamin D and exercise. Get natural mood support from D.S.A. MGRx.

For many people, good habits are a path to maintaining a healthy, “up” mood. A little sunshine, exercise, a healthy meal, and a full night’s rest can correct a lot within the body. But what happens when none of that works? You may need a little natural nudge to get your mind and body back on track!

D.S.A. MGRx is natural mood support. It’s not addictive, and easy to self regulate—most people can tell when they need a little more, or when they no longer need any. D.S.A. MGRx is formulated using nutrients known to support a healthy brain, and herbs long since known for their mood supporting properties.

It’s always a good idea to start with the basics, to try the least invasive options first. If you’re looking to boost your mood, make sure that you’re basic needs are met. We never grow out of being crabby because we need a nap or are feeling hangry—whether you’re depressed, anxious, broiling with anger or otherwise off, check in with your basic physical needs, first.

When you’ve run through a physical checklist, give your brain natural support with D.S.A. MGRx for as long, or as little as you need.

Alone or alongside other mood boosting habits, you can use D.S.A. MGRx to get back on track and out of your funk.

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Adult Female Tick

The old knowledge about ticks won’t keep you safe anymore. It used to be that Lyme Disease was a problem in the Northeast US, and that you only needed to worry about ticks in wooded areas, but neither of those is still true! Ticks, and Lyme Disease and other tick diseases, are coast to coast—and you don’t have to venture very deep into nature to find them. Ticks can be found on lawns, as well as among weeds, tall grass, and still in wooded areas. It’s important that everyone follow tick checks and keep their immune systems strong all summer, and throughout all areas.

The easiest way to prevent ticks is to wear long sleeves and pants (choose linen or another breathable material to beat the heat), and to use bug spray. Natural bug sprays using eucalyptus and another scent work best/longest. If you wear light colors, it will not only help with heat but being able to see ticks.

Ticks start out small in spring, and by the end of summer are fairly easy to see. In early tick season, be on the lookout for poppy seed size ticks—they may even look like moles. When you come in from outside, throw your clothes in the washer and do the tick check right away.

If you find a tick, pull it out straight and clean—no fire, oil, or other tricks. Then watch for any unusual and otherwise unexplained symptoms.

Keep your immune system strong this summer with support from colloidal silver. If you catch a tick bite, or if you don’t, it can take weeks before Lyme Disease or other tick borne illness is diagnosed/apparent. In some areas, doctors may not be up-to-date about the presence of ticks and their diseases, so getting a diagnosis may take some pushing.

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