Remember those predictions that we’ll have a bad flu season, because Australia did? They’re turning out to have been pretty accurate. Just in time for all that holiday travel the number of flu cases in the US is increasing, with severe side effects. Right now, the South has the biggest upward flu trend, but all the gathering and traveling will help spread it further (getting on a plane already has a very high chance of causing illness, flu season or not!).

To make things a little worse, the flu shot is estimated to be only about 10% effective this year. The flu shot is made months in advance based off predictions of flu season. This year, predictions seem to have been askew, in two different ways (which strains it was produced for, and a step in the production which can cause a mutation put it further off course). The flu shot wasn’t very effective in Australia this year, either, probably contributing to their severe flu season. Read more about flu season…


Boost Your Vitamin D Levels

December 7, 2017

It’s not just another Vitamin on your list for the day. If you’re short on Vitamin D, you’ll notice pretty quickly. During winter, when you feel slow, tired, and a bit depressed, it’s not some mood put on by dark, cloudy weather and shorter days, it’s the literal lack of sunlight. Without it, your body doesn’t make enough Vitamin D. The recommended dose of sunlight is, at bathing suit exposure, 20 sunscreen free minutes. That doesn’t happen for most people in winter months (and often not in summer, either).

Make sure your Vitamin D levels stay steady by including it in your diet. Vitamin D rich foods include dairy, eggs, and fish, but if you’re not getting enough of those, a good multivitamin like Vita One can help restore you. Read more about Vitamin D…


Freshen Up Your Winter Home

December 6, 2017

Windy, cold, wet. Your windows are probably closed for most of the winter, and that can lead to some interesting smells. Even if it’s just musty, clear out some of those odors with Smelly Shoe Spray.

Smelly Shoe Spray combines the germ fighting powers of colloidal silver with the pleasant smell of peppermint to get rid of bad smells. And that’s it, no other mystery chemicals. No sneaky allergens. No preservatives, toxins, or other weird ingredients. Read more about odor…


Relax the Winter Aches

December 5, 2017

A cold day chilling your bones, a bout of cold that reaches through each arm and leg, a fun day in the snow that leaves aches, or just an average bout of tension that cricks your neck and back, one or more of these can strike on a winter’s day, so be sure to have support with Dakota Muscle Relief.

All natural external pain relief, Dakota Muscle Relief helps ease the tension, aches, and more that you carry through your day or night. Simply rub or spray it on sore areas, and get instant relief from it’s hot/cold sensation. And since it’s more natural with fewer ingredients than mainstream brands, it has NO medicinal odor, just a nice peppermint smell. Read more about natural pain relief…


No matter which health topic comes up, it’s important to start with the basics, because they are often a more simple, affordable, and less invasive solution. Sleep, exercise, and nutrition can each help prevent disease when they’re a positive part of your daily routine. Sleep and exercise are mostly self explanatory (as long as you don’t have insomnia), but nutrition/diet can be harder to navigate.

These days, there’s a lot of focus on removing trigger foods, but it can be helpful to start positive and add more antioxidants and other health supporting foods. When you focus more on eating good things, you naturally fall away from the bad as you fill up, and focusing more on good things can help retrain your appetite.

What sort of good things? The world is “smaller” than ever, so there are lots of options. If you’re not sure where to start, take a step in the right direction with Triple Strength Antioxidant. With lots of vitamins and minerals, it packs a powerful antioxidant punch with ingredients like Resveratrol, Alpha Lipoic Acid, turmeric, and extracts from green tea, pomegranate, and cranberry. Read more about antioxidants…