Certain major third-party retailers are having a crisis of fakes—there’s many people selling on the same platform, and their inventory isn’t kept separate. Are you getting the product you want, from the manufacturer, or are you getting a knock-off from one of the many people taking advantage of this system?

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When it comes to products like supplements, this system becomes dangerous. Reports of people with burned scalps from knock-off shampoos, fake soaps, and broken seals on food products are becoming commonplace. 

For health supporting products like colloidal silver, you can’t trust these big websites anymore, because what is in colloidal silver matters, and it’s important to always get a pure, true product!

A Brief History of What Is In Colloidal Silver

Silver has been used for centuries to keep food fresh, support health, and more. Colloidal silver is a way to get this support in a supplement you drink.

What is in “colloidal silver” matters—not every product is a true colloid, and making it correctly (and then checking for purity) are important safety steps.

The main ingredient—silver nanoparticles—are generally reviewed as safe. In fact, they’re also used in non-supplement industries—from hospital hygiene, special bandages for burns, to anti-pathogen paint, gym clothes, food storage, and more.

What Is In Colloidal Silver?

It’s important to know what’s in true, pure colloidal silver, because that answer alone will help you avoid knock-offs.

The best-quality colloidal silver has only two ingredients: pure nano silver particles and water. Not only that, but ingredient purity is lab-verified with high-quality colloidal silver—you don’t get that guarantee in a made-at-home scenario.

What Is In Colloidal Silver Knock-Offs?

Some products are cheaper “colloidal” silvers, but they aren’t really colloids at all no matter how they compare themselves. Ionic particles, for instance, aren’t suspended in water, they’re dissolved (and studies have shown ionic silver to be less effective). 

Worse, some products have more than just silver and water. Sometimes an ingredient is added intentionally, to stabilize the product, and sometimes impurities are accidental/from neglect, because the manufacturing process isn’t as good. Always carefully source your supplements, so you can trust what’s in them! And when you know what is in colloidal silver, that’s step one to finding a trusted retailer.

Where Can You Get True Colloidal Silver?

First, avoid the temptation to hit up your favorite online mega-retailer—almost every product has reviews about getting shipped a fake.

Choose an official retailer of high-quality supplements like Colloids for Life. Know what you’re getting, and then get the good stuff—no fillers, no additives, just the best colloidal silver and other supplements from a retailer that’s been around a long time. Don’t support your health with additives or risky products!

What Is In Colloidal Silver Matters

If you’re looking to support your health, you know what you put in your body matters.

Fake colloidal silver, silver with additives, and other lesser products not only don’t work as well, they may not be as safe. Cheaply manufactured silver (that may even be making an honest attempt at being a true colloidal silver) is prone to contaminants and mistakes.

Not only is it important to know what is in colloidal silver, it’s important to be able to trust that that is what you’re getting!

Why Do People Use Colloidal Silver?

Finally, a quick look at why people use colloidal silver (and why what is in colloidal silver matters).

Silver is known for its antimicrobial properties—that it kills bacteria, viruses, fungi, and even some amoebas. Because of that and it’s safety, people have been using it in all sorts of ways for centuries.

Colloidal silver is the form silver takes as a health supporting supplement. People take colloidal silver to support their immune systems, skin, and more.

Other Uses: When What Is In Colloidal Silver Matters Less

Because silver is an all-around germ killer, there are some uses where quality matters less. It’s okay to not buy top-end silver to keep your hot tub clean, your washing machine, or your socks.

When it comes to using silver as a supplement, what is in colloidal silver always matters. For other uses and other industries, that bar is a little lower.

If you’re looking to support your immune system with colloidal silver, choose the best-quality colloidal silver for the job.

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When it comes to health support, there are so many rules and restrictions! Whether it’s natural, prescribed, or supplemental, you have to be careful with what you’re taking together, when you’re taking it, and how!

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Fortunately, colloidal products like colloidal gold and colloidal silver are easy! With no reported side-effects or interactions, there’s a lot of possibilities in how you can use colloidal gold and colloidal silver to support your health.

Does it seem too easy to be true? Don’t worry! We’ve got all the details on taking true colloidal gold and colloidal silver.

What are Colloidal Gold and Colloidal Silver?

It’s important to make one huge caveat before diving into all the ways you can use colloidal gold and colloidal silver—always make sure you’re starting with real colloidal gold and colloidal silver! Other products—ionic silver or gold, knock-offs, and inferior products that liken themselves to colloids don’t have the same standards.

And make sure you buy direct—third party sellers (including giant online retailers) have a huge problem with fake inventory that goes beyond the listed seller (they aren’t checking for fakes, and they ship whichever product is closest, no matter which seller it came from!).

True colloids reflect light off the suspended particles, and are colorful. The only ingredients should be water and pure nanosized particles.

Who Shouldn’t Take Colloidal Silver?

Also of note, some people have a relatively rare allergy to silver, and should not use colloidal silver. Usually, they will react to jewelry and already know they have a silver allergy. When in doubt, test on a small patch of skin or get a full allergy work-up.

Why Take Colloidal Gold and Colloidal Silver?

Support your mind with colloidal gold—it’s reported to boost focus, concentration, memory, energy, mood, and more.

Support your body with colloidal silver—it’s been used for centuries to support the immune system against pathogens, support skin, eye health, and more.

Colloidal gold and colloidal silver together are a great team-up for the mind and body. Work toward your overall wellness with this colloidal team. Both can be taken when, how, and in the amount you want—giving you the freedom to build the support you need.

Mix and Match Colloids like Colloidal Gold and Colloidal Silver

There’s no reason not to take colloidal gold and colloidal silver together, or with any other colloidal product, supplement, etc.!

While colloidal gold and colloidal silver generally support the mind and body, there are other colloids with their own benefits. Colloidal copper (for example) provides a necessary nutrient, offering extra support or the cardiovascular system, skin, and hair.

Colloidal Gold and Colloidal Silver: A Dream Team

Not only is there no reason not to take colloidal gold and colloidal silver at the same time, there’s plenty of reasons you should!

The general support colloidal gold and colloidal silver offer are great for everybody, whether you want general support or support to work through specific concerns.

Supporting our mind with colloidal gold is great no matter if you’re pushing to reach a goal, or just trying to make a smoother, more clear day-to-day life. And immune support isn’t just for those already sick—each day brings new experiences, and possibilities for illness—whether it’s a cut or scrape, and sneeze or cough, or food that’s a little questionable. We could all use a little more support in our corner!

Can You Take Colloidal Gold and Colloidal Silver at LITERALLY the Same Time?

In case you came here looking for a more literal answer, yes! Not only can you include both colloidal gold and colloidal silver in your supplement regime, you can literally take them both at the same time!

While it’s generally recommended to take them on an empty stomach (for better absorption), together is fine. And there’s no harm in taking them other ways, too. After all, if you sense you need a boost of support, don’t wait! Listen to your instincts and get the support you need when you need it.

Find Your Perfect Support with Colloids like Colloidal Gold and Colloidal Silver

Take what you want, when you want or need with colloidal gold and colloidal silver. Build up the support that’s right for you, whether you’re more focused on sharpening and supporting your mind, or backing up your immune system with tried and true colloidal silver.

Take colloidal gold and colloidal silver together, separate, or however you want.

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Colloidal gold– it’s just pure, nanosized particles of gold suspended in water. People have been using gold for millenia, even taking it as a supplement to support the mind and body. Colloidal gold, (pure, non-ionic, and better for it’s small particle size) is the epitome of gold supplements.

Photo <a href="https://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photo-golf-player-teeing-off-sunset-senior-shooting-ball-lake-background-image53940805">53940805</a> © <a href="https://www.dreamstime.com/lichtmeister_info" itemprop="author">Otmar Winterleitner</a> - <a href="https://www.dreamstime.com/">Dreamstime.com</a>

Here’s what people say about how and why they use colloidal gold—and what are the best reasons to take colloidal gold.

Colloidal gold is for everyone—whether you’re trying to push yourself to new heights, or need support for something you’re struggling with. Because of colloidal gold’s purity there are no interactions or risks. And with all the reasons to take colloidal gold, there’s probably one that suits you!

Support Sports Performance with Colloidal Gold

While mind-body support is the oldest reason to take colloidal gold, using the reported benefits to enhance sports performance is new. 

According to golfers, tennis and soccer players, and more, sports performance is top of the best reasons to take colloidal gold!

Colloidal gold is reported to boost focus, concentration, and hand-eye coordination—the sort of sharp qualities you want when you’re making snap decisions about where a ball will go, how the wind is blowing, or how another player is going to move.

It’s a natural edge, not the sort of super-boost that’s forbidden in professional competition or bad for the body. And colloidal gold is perfect for professionals, or those trying to get an edge for their pick-up game.

Support Meditation with Colloidal Gold

Meditation is everywhere—whether you’ve downloaded Google’s new app for it, are visiting your rec center for a class (even cycling requires focus, visualization, and body-mindfulness), or are sitting or walking in a traditional method.

What are the best reasons to take colloidal gold? The reported benefits of colloidal gold are all things that will support your meditation practice, in whatever form that takes. Noticing, calming, centering, and tuning up your mind (and mind-body connections) can all be supported with colloidal gold.

Spark Your Creativity with Colloidal Gold

If you’re an artist, whether you paint, write, sculpt, or create using modern technologies, you probably have a lot of strategies to get your creativity going—a walk, looking at nature or other art, brainstorming, and maybe even support like colloidal gold.

In addition to supporting focus, concentration, and energy (which are needed to get the job done) people report that colloidal gold boosts creativity. The best reasons to take colloidal gold are supporting your passions, your hobbies, and your work—in addition to supporting your self.

Support Joints and Legs with Colloidal Gold

A lesser known potential benefit of colloidal gold is joint support. Many people who have arthritis and similar joint problems take colloidal gold.

For those with joint inflammation, arthritic joint pain, and more, colloidal gold is a part of their self-care.

Not only that, but some people have found colloidal gold is the solution to their restless leg syndrome. The best reason to take colloidal gold or any other similar supplement is to solve a problem that might be considered “minor” by others, but that improves your comfort.

While gold has anti-inflammatory properties, it’s unclear if that is why people report benefits from taking colloidal gold.

The Big Benefits: Supporting Depression, Stress, or Anxiety

Generally, when people talk about what are the best reasons to take colloidal gold, they’re talking about the most commonly reported benefits:

Mood Support

Memory Support

Focus and Concentration

Natural, Level Energy


For others, the best reason to take colloidal gold is as a tool in their “kit” for supporting themselves as they deal with depression, stress, and anxiety.

There are many causes to depression, stress, and anxiety, and sorting through them to find balance can be tricky. Colloidal gold is natural, and can be used in support of other methods to help your mind find normal again.

Colloidal Gold is for Everyone

Colloidal gold supports the mind, and there are many reported benefits. What are the best reasons to take colloidal gold? For everyone, the best reason is a little different—but there are many ways to use colloidal gold as support for your mind, mind-body connection, and more.

Try a little colloidal gold each day and discover your best reason for taking colloidal gold.


When you’re supporting your health, with supplements, medicine, or even sleeping and exercise, there’s often a right time of day to do things. Part of this has to do with our circadian rhythm, which regulates our metabolism, energy levels, mood, and more. Part of it has to do with how certain things affect our bodies—is it too stimulating? Does it require food, or no food in your stomach?

Photo <a href="https://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photo-woman-showing-time-full-length-big-clock-isolated-white-background-image66796339">66796339</a> © <a href="https://www.dreamstime.com/summertime08_info" itemprop="author">Deniz Ayci Leu</a> - <a href="https://www.dreamstime.com/photos-images/time.html">Dreamstime.com</a>

Today we’re looking at the immune supporting supplement colloidal silver, and (if there is one), what is the best time of day to take colloidal silver?

Choose the Right Time of Day to Take Colloidal Silver

Fortunately, colloidal silver is a versatile supplement. Not only are there many ways to take and use the supplement, but there are many times of day you could choose from.

While ultimately the answer to “what is the best time of day to take colloidal silver?” is any time of day, everyone is different and there might be a right time of day for you.

How Much Is the Right Amount of Colloidal Silver?

Start by considering how much colloidal silver you’re going to take. Most people take a little each day.

What is the best time of day to take colloidal silver if you’re taking the average amount? There’s no harm done if you take colloidal silver with or without food. That said, you’ll logically get better absorption on an empty stomach—for that reason, many people take colloidal silver on an empty stomach, usually when they wake up in the morning.

Now, if you’re taking more than the average amount—you’re a larger person, or you’re supporting ongoing health issues—you may want to take half of the amount you decide in the morning, and the other half later in the day to spread it out.

Looking at Lifestyle Habits When Taking Colloidal Silver

Are you a big breakfast person, or a big dinner person? A morning person or a night person? Are there days you’re feeling off?

If you’ve been tracking your moods, energy levels, or have noticed a cyclical pattern to your health, you may have found a good time to make sure you take colloidal silver. Maybe the question for you isn’t “what is the best time of day to take colloidal silver?”, but what days will I need more support?

Another lifestyle consideration is travel. Even in the best circumstances travel is hard on the body—it disrupts our routine, and as much as we may enjoy being exposed to new things it can be a little too exciting for our immune systems.

Travel is another event to plan taking colloidal silver around. Are you the sort of person who needs support to start leading up to the big event? Who will need it as soon as you arrive? Or are you more the sort that needs extra immune system support after traveling, when you finally let out all the stress travel can cause?

Looking at factors like this can help you decide what is the best time of day to take colloidal silver for you.

Do You Need a Boost of Colloidal Silver?

Some people take a little more colloidal silver if they think there’s a need. Maybe they ate something funny, or they feel off—in this case, the answer to what time of day is the best to take colloidal silver is anytime at all, although if it’s a planned boost, consider spreading it out a little (just like people who normally take a bigger dose, mentioned above).

Nebulizing, Sinus Floods, and More

One thing you don’t necessarily have to consider is what is the best time of day to take colloidal silver if you’re also nebulizing, performing a sinus flood, or using colloidal silver in other ways (like as skin support). While you may want to spread out using colloidal silver (even skin will absorb it), there’s no harm to doing things however it works out for you.

There’s No One Way—Use Colloidal Silver to Meet YOUR Health Goals

Only you know you best, and colloidal silver is very easy to use however you want, so take advantage! With colloidal silver, you can build the health support you need for your lifestyle, health goals, and more.

Make Sure You Have Enough Colloidal Silver

Once you figure out “what is the best time of day to take colloidal silver?”, make sure you have enough colloidal silver to meet your needs. Take advantage of multipack savings and plan out your next month with immune support from colloidal silver.

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A sharp pain, a throbbing, a take-over of your entire head that makes it impossible to think, or eat, or do anything but feel the pain… toothaches are one of the worst afflictions! Toothaches are painful and expensive, and if you have one you may be desperate for long-lasting toothache relief.

Photo <a href="https://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photo-teeth-cute-toys-express-feelings-image55716026">55716026</a> © <a href="https://www.dreamstime.com/oat3dee_info" itemprop="author">Phawat Khommai</a> - <a href="https://www.dreamstime.com/photos-images/teeth.html">Dreamstime.com</a>

Colloidal silver is well-known in the natural health community because it’s so effective and versatile—people have found many uses for colloidal silver! But does colloidal silver help toothaches? The answer is yes and no. Colloidal silver is not pain relief and will not directly stop a toothache, but it can be used as part of how you support your dental/oral health!

First, Colloidal Silver is NOT Pain Relief

Colloidal silver is not a pain reliever. Over-the-counter pain relievers generally work by blocking pain signals, and colloidal silver doesn’t do anything like that.

What colloidal silver does do is support the immune system against pathogens, and bacteria are a common cause of toothache. With good dental habits and colloidal silver as a support, the answer may be “kind of” to “does colloidal silver help toothaches”.

How Does Colloidal Silver Help Toothaches?

“Sugar bugs” are the way dentists describe the bacteria that cause tooth decay (and eventually toothaches). They eat sugars in our mouth and turn them to acids which rot our teeth. The more we feed them the more there are.

Drinking water, brushing teeth, and limiting sweet foods (including carbs) can help keep teeth healthy.

But you may do all that and still be prone to tooth decay and toothaches!

Some people have bad luck. They got bad genetics, or they picked up a sturdier “sugar bug” that won’t go down without a fight. In this case, they may need extra support (from immune supporting colloidal silver) in the battle against tooth decay! Does colloidal silver help toothaches? It might if used proactively alongside other recommended healthy habits!

A Different Kind of Toothache

Not all toothaches are caused by bacteria. Some are caused by poor genes, medications, or other forms of wear and tear (like a chipped or broken tooth, or acid reflux). Once the wear and tear is there, extra care is needed to protect what’s left.

Does colloidal silver help toothache? Only a dentist can properly fix cavities and stop a toothache. But in the meantime, take extra care to support your oral health. In the same way colloidal silver is known for supporting skin and the immune system, make sure you support your mouth, teeth, and even tonsils and throat. It’s safe to drink (excepting allergies to silver) so it can reach farther than other liquids.

Support Mouth Hygiene

Mouth hygiene is about more than brushing off what you ate today. Everyone carries different mixes of bacteria in their mouths, your pH level can change a little, you could have sinus issues, throat issues, stomach issues… you might be doing all the basic care and still wondering where it’s going wrong!

That’s when you need extra support, and when we look to the question, how does colloidal silver help toothaches?

Colloidal silver is an immune supporting supplement. It can help the immune system as it deals with bacteria, viruses, or other pathogens that might be troubling sinuses (mouth breathing is bad for your teeth), your throat, or even your stomach (sometimes germs cause acid reflux which erodes teeth).

As part of an overall plan to support immune health, make sure you include colloidal silver. 

Does Colloidal Silver Help Toothache? As part of a team!

Do more than brush and floss. Start taking colloidal silver! And if you already take colloidal silver as a daily immune supporting supplement, be sure to swish and gargle before you swallow.

Add colloidal silver to these other above-and-beyond healthy teeth habits:

-Swap sugar for veggies, and encourage the growth of healthier bacteria throughout your body.

-Drink more water, never let your mouth get dry

-Treat mouth breathing and snoring

-Remember, it’s not just your mouth that can impact your teeth—it’s your sinuses, tonsils, throat, and stomach! Keep your overall health in mind because it’s all related!

Oral Health Impacts Overall Health!

Toothaches hurt, but so do heart attacks, stomach issues, and more bigger, deeper health problems that can be worsened by poor oral health.

The question is bigger than just, “does colloidal silver help toothaches?”—it’s about supporting overall oral health, and in turn, overall body health and mental wellbeing. 

Colloidal silver is great overall health support. Make it a part of your routine, for dental health and beyond! 

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