Sleep is important for heart health, according to numerous studies. Looking deeper into why, it looks like poor sleep leads to poor blood pressure. Using monitors to watch both sleep quality and blood pressure over several nights, researchers found a clear connection between poor sleep and a raise in blood pressure—even while you’re sleeping. Take steps to support both a good night’s sleep and heart health.

For most modern humans, sleep can be improved by taking a step back from technology. Blue light, whether it’s a screen turned on or the blinking light on our phone, hinders melatonin productions and sleep. Keep it out of the bedroom and cut back on screen time leading up to bed to help your body naturally sleep better.

Anxiety can be another cause of poor sleep. Exercise, de-stressing, and scheduling down time (time to just let the mind relax, not just to not work but still do something) is important for brain health.

Many people, especially with age, find they’re tossing and turning because of aches and sore spots. During the study, tossing and turning was often associated with increases in blood pressure—and who isn’t tossing in their sleep when they are uncomfortable? Address aches and pains naturally before bed with Dakota Muscle Relief. Rub or spray it onto any sore spots. It could mean spraying your feet after standing all day, your shoulders after staring at a computer all day, or helping that old injury to relax a little before you try and sleep.

During the daytime, you can support heart health with diet, exercise, and supplements like Deep Ocean Krill Oil.

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Flavonoid rich foods—apples, grapes, tea, and coffee are some examples—help protect against both heart disease and cancer. According to a new study, the benefits may even help offset bad habits like smoking, drinking, and not exercising. Add in some flavonoids to your day for a boost with a flavonoid rich food like our organic Jiaogulan tea.

Flavonoids are found in fruits and vegetables, and are responsible for the bright color (remember that color is a good indicator of flavor and nutrition—think a rich, bright red strawberry vs. an under-ripe white one, or how regular red watermelons are more flavorful and nutritious than the lycopene free “honey” versions). There are many types of flavonoids, so getting them into your diet requires eating a variety of plants, from fruit and veggies to tea and coffee.

If you’re adding tea to your day to get more flavonoids for variety and health support, consider Jiaogulan tea. 

Organic, caffeine-free Jiaogulan tea is known as the tea of life where it’s grown in SouthEast Asia. There, it’s known for supporting heart health, stomach health, and more. Research so far backs up what those local to where Jiaogulan grows have always known—that is supports health. It gets its “tea of life” moniker because of the longevity of those who traditionally drink it.

Calming, with an earthy flavor and all these health-supporting properties, Jiaogulan tea is the perfect addition to your day, and can complement a diet of fruits and vegetables to help you get a bigger variety of flavonoids to support your health.

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Dengue in Florida

August 12, 2019

It’s always a good idea to check for diseases before you travel. Case in point: there have been two confirmed cases of locally transmitted Dengue Fever in Florida this summer, and officials expect more.

Florida is tropical—it has the right climate to host the mosquitoes that carry Dengue, Zika, Yellow Fever, and Chikungunya (Chik-V). When someone travels between Florida and other tropical regions, they can bring an infected mosquito back or they can bring the infection back for local mosquitoes. So far this year, there have been 75 confirmed cases of Dengue in Florida acquired from abroad.

It’s predicted that the region within the US these mosquitoes can live in will continue to gradually expand through the south over the next few decades.

Symptoms of Dengue Fever include severe pain, fever, headache and other complications. There is no specific treatment or prevention, just avoid mosquitoes and areas with outbreaks and treat an infection with rest and care.

The good news is you get lifelong immunity to tropical mosquito diseases. The bad news is that immunity messes with your response to the rest of this family of illnesses, making a second infection more severe. Make sure to repel mosquitoes with spray or natural scents, block them with long thin clothing, and keep your bedroom air conditioned (aedes aegypti like living under beds).

You can also prepare yourself with immune supporting colloidal silver. Colloidal silver is an essential travel companion. Getting on a plane, drinking different water and eating different food prepared with that water (on top of whatever local disease risks there are like Dengue) and the shift in time/stress of putting together a trip all can be hard on your immune system. Make sure you have immune support wherever you go with colloidal silver.

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Apples and other raw fruits and veggies are good for your health, and it’s more than just because of nutrients and fiber: raw fruits and veggies, especially organic ones, support gut health with a variety of beneficial bacteria. If you’re building a diet to support your microbiome, build it on the back of fresh fruits and vegetables, support it with Flora MGR, and work in other healthy habits.

Prebiotics are foods that feed and help good bacteria to flourish, like apples, onions, and other produce. It makes sense that these good bacteria supporting foods would naturally carry those bacteria! It’s another reason to add beneficial fruits and vegetables to your daily diet.

You should still wash them first! This isn’t about eating dirt. Researchers looked at all the different parts of apples, inside and out, for different bacteria. 

And organic really is better: organic apples had more bacteria, and a wider variety, than conventional apples. Some of the bacteria are responsible for enhancing flavor, too, so you’re getting a tastier snack in addition to supporting gut microbe diversity (which is associated with a stronger immune system and other signs of good health). Fresh picked apples were also associated with a higher count and variety of good bacteria.

So prebiotics are also kind of probiotics! Making the value of eating them greater. Other probiotics include fermented foods like yogurt, kefir, kimchi, etc.

To make sure you are supporting a healthy and robust microbiome of good bacteria, you can take a high-quality supplement like Flora MGR each day. 

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Get Focused this Fall

August 8, 2019

Now’s the perfect time to get organized, focused, and reach for your goals. Back to school sales are going, so you can pick up a planner, art supplies, and storage and organization tools/furniture. Or you can work on your inner focus and organization with support from colloidal gold.

However you track and organize your life, you have to be able to focus and keep a clear mind to pull it off. Whether you’ve picked up the new trend of keeping a bullet journaling, have an app for that, or use and older style calendar, it all starts inside.

Colloidal gold is reported to boost memory, focus, mood, energy, hand-eye coordination and more. Try it for a month and see if it’s what you’ve been missing (because we all have ever-growing to-do lists)

Pair colloidal gold with your favorite strategy for getting your life organized—whether it’s using a smartwatch to track your every calorie, date, and task, making sure you hit a weekly yoga class, or just leaving notes everywhere. Then start reaching for some goals: a new hobby, a promotion, or just less chaos.

Colloidal gold is made up of pure gold particles (never ionized gold, which is toxic), and pure water. That’s it. Gold is a food safe substance and studies have been exploring ways to use colloidal gold in a modern world (it may have uses with regard to prostate health and arthritis).

Find your focus with support from colloidal gold, and keep on top of your goals as we start looking ahead to fall.

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