Laughing Summer WomanSummer’s a time of glowing skin, good health, and lots of good food and exercise to keep it going. That’s if you’re lucky, and don’t suffer from allergies, or catch an ear infection from water sports, or a sunburn, or any other summer ailment.

It turns out, there’s plenty of reasons to keep your immune system strong in the summer with extra support from colloidal silver.

The Sun is a Double-Edged Sword

A little bit of sunlight helps you make Vitamin D which supports your immune system.

But a day in the sun will leave you tired, which can mean you’re more likely to fall ill as you meander back from your adventure, getting bitten, and feeling the cold of the setting sun on your new tan. Fortunately, you can combat some of what makes your tired. Read more about summer…


Strawberries in a BoxHaving not just pregnant women, but women of childbearing age take folic acid has been wildly successful at treating numerous diseases related to neural tube defects, but a new study has linked taking high doses with an increased risk of autism.

It’s no wonder it’s a major headline, there are very few solid links to potential causes of autism, and the study was well done and thorough.

Do we need to reconsider our supplement recommendations?

Only a little. For instance, whether it’s over-the-counter, supplemental, or an actual prescription, it’s one size fits all. Really, though, we’ve only studied adult men when it comes to most recommendations (and with pregnant women, recommendations are hit and miss and change frequently). Weight, genetics (including race/heritage and family conditions like allergies and IBS) and other factors can change how well a drug works, what dose you need, and more! Read more about folic acid…


Krill ShadowIf you’re proactive enough about your health to take a supplement, make sure you aren’t accidentally sabotaging yourself with a bad one.

For instance, you could replace your fish oil (which almost never has the mercury, PCBs, heavy metals, or other toxins filtered out) with clean water harvested krill oil.

Unlike fish oil, krill oil is antioxidant rich—it doesn’t need added preservatives to give it a shelf life (it also helps that the more environmentally friendly harvesting methods don’t contribute to spoilage like others!). Read more about krill oil…


Girl Eating BlueberriesAs we age, we worry about our memory. Is losing our keys something everyone does, or a sign that we’re losing our mind?

Everyone’s mind works a little differently, so you have to start by realizing you’ve always existed on a scale: some people can remember every minute fact of everyday of their lives, but they don’t necessarily have higher level skills (like what you would use to condense and analyze a novel into a term paper). Some people are never going to remember all the little details (hooray for being able to have a tiny computer in our pocket for that) but can do absolutely brilliant things with their brains. Most of us our floating in the middle.

But you’re not stuck there. You can improve and preserve your memory with a few daily habits, and you can start at any age.

-Eat more berries—summer is the perfect time to start. Berries, especially blueberries, support grey brain matter, the bit that’s responsible for memory. Read more memory tricks…


We often focus on what we can see: our skin. Our weight. Even our hair and nails (which have become a symbol of beauty because they were first a symbol of health). And, actively or not, on unseen but felt tangibles that our with us all day long: our energy, our outlook on life, feeling good. But we often forget about something that is at the center of all those things: our gut. Sure, we may think about what we eat, but what’s going on in your digestive tract influences everything from your brain to your toes several different ways—and it deserves daily support for the job it does! It’s all about supporting and cultivating a health gut, because more and more evidence says that’s what’s really shaping the big picture!

Plant in SoilYour gut does so much that breakdown food and absorb nutrients. It hosts a microbiome of friendly bacteria, which have huge and important influences well beyond the digestive tract—including our mood, our weight, even some of our impulses!

Then there’s how our food influences us: it can be a source of illness, impact our pH balance, and the combination of everything going on can even impact our hormones, which can have a wide range of consequences themselves (weight, headaches, skin changes, and mood, for starters). All of that together is some pretty complex stuff going on (and you can see how it can overlap and get either a lot better, or a lot worse!)—and we often take what we eat/how we digest for granted.

Get some complex support for your gut: Humic and Fulvic minerals aren’t just minerals: they also contain probiotics, prebiotics (which help cultivate good probiotics), fatty acids, and electrolytes. It’s more than just a mineral supplement that replenishes major and minor/trace minerals, it supports overall gut health. Read more about digestion…