Researchers with MicroscopeColloidal silver is antimicrobial—that means it fights bacteria, viruses, yeast/fungi, and more.

How do we know colloidal silver is antimicrobial? There’s lots and lots of studies that show it is.

Now, some colloidal silver retailers pay to have studies done. We (Colloids for Life) don’t—instead, I’m referencing the studies that have been done at universities and other labs actually looking at how colloidal silver (or nano silver, which is often what the studies look at) can help society. For the years and years I’ve been researching and writing here, I have three favorite studies: there’s a doctor in India who was experimenting with using colloidal silver to save rabies patients traditionally thought to be past the point of no return, the lab in Hong Kong that found nano silver works broadly and safely, and a study comparing nano silver to ionic silver (spoiler: in cells, non-ionic nano silver works better!). Read more about silver…


Apples and Measuring TapeAnd an actual study behind it! Here’s the “trick“: you need to work hard for your health for about a year, then your body will do better at remembering how it “should” look—or in other words, it takes about a year to retrain your hormones.

Swimming Against The Tide

If you’re trying to lose weight, you need to make a year-long maintenance plan, and realise that you’re going to start out hungry, but that eventually your body will figure out what’s up.

What researchers found was that after losing weight, study participants had a hormone spike, where their body was basically encouraging them to eat back the calories they lost to maintain the weight it was used to, but that overtime hormone levels adjusted to the new normal. Read more about weight loss…


Don’t Miss A Play

April 19, 2016

Baseball aloneColloidal gold is great mind support: whether you’re a student with lots to memorize, an athlete who benefits from the focus and hand-eye coordination, or just a worker who needs a little more concentration. Colloidal gold doesn’t just support your day job, though, it can allow you to focus and enjoy your hobbies, more, too!

Like baseball season. Diehard baseball fans will tell you it’s not just sitting back and watching—in fact, that’s not it at all since baseball isn’t action usually packed. For the fans who tune into every game, it’s way more of a mental workout than that, it’s remembering, and sometimes calculating, stats, facts, and trivia. Easier done when your brain is working its best! From memory to clarity to sharpness, colloidal gold can help your brain recall it all. Read more about supporting your brain…


Blood Draw VileYou have probably heard about the current guidelines for Hep C testing: anyone with a risk factor, which includes Baby Boomers (roughly anyone born between 1945 and 1965). But new data out of Johns Hopkins says that’s not enough.

After expanding their HCV testing to anyone having a blood draw in their ER, they found that 1 in 3 people testing positive had previously been undiagnosed. Read more about Hep C…

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Eating a tacoSplashy editorials pop up regularly decrying the need for any sort of multivitamin or supplement. Just follow standard medical advice, they say (which often includes taking a daily multivitamin) and don’t think.

But their argument is pretty easy to poke holes in. Our diets are so poor, that cheap multivitamins are snuck into as much food as possible: from candy, to almost all our grains. In fact, it’s just been decided that we need to add folic acid to Masa (corn flour used to make tortillas and other things) to prevent birth defects.

That’s the holy grail of supplements, that even the most vitriolic opponent won’t touch: prenatal vitamins. Our diets are reliably bad enough that we supplement our food with vitamins and minerals, and not only tell women to start taking a prenatal when they begin trying to conceive (or as soon as they find out if they weren’t), but occasionally recommend that all women of childbearing age should be taking a prenatal vitamin (which despite marketing, can be any supplement with enough folic acid and a few other things).

No one trusts the average diet is enough to support reproducing.

We could all use a nutrient boost, even if we aren’t growing new humans. Read more about multivitamins…