Today, people take colloidal gold as a daily supplement because it’s reputed to help with mental abilities like mood, hand-eye coordination, focus and concentration, memory, creativity, and more.

But in the past colloidal gold was known for much more. In the last century, it was used medicinally as an anti-inflammatory (supporting the health of joints in particular, which can really take a beating from inflammation). Newer medications are in some ways cheaper for beating inflammation (or at least more profitable).

In the future, though, colloidal gold (and colloidal gold specifically—not other gold particles or forms—is being used as a foundation for new medications. It’s been used as a way to deliver medication specifically to the prostate, and in a new treatment is being used as the foundation of a Type 1 Diabetes treatment. Will these new lines of research work, with the addition of whatever medication is in development? There’s no answer to that yet. But there is the long history of colloidal gold to put to for today’s health and mind support. Read more about colloidal gold…

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sniffle-womanMaybe it’s because this winter has been warmer, and the illnesses milder. Maybe it’s because everyone is too busy to stop. Maybe it’s just something in the air, but this cold and flu season has really been characterized by everyone passing and sharing germs back and forth!

Do you miss work or school for a little sniffle? Probably not, according to researchers (especially not if you work in the food industry). But what’s a little sniffle for you might be a bigger deal for someone with a weaker immune system (not good), or it might just be another sniffle, that they bring into work, school, or your hobby group and pass right back to you (not good either).

If you can’t break the cycle by staying home (and it won’t really work anyway if everyone doesn’t do it), then make sure to get some extra immune support from colloidal silver. With mild illness everywhere, you’re immune system is working harder than ever as it comes into contact with the sick people around you, making catching an illness (even if it’s mild) more likely than ever. Read more about cold and flu…


“It’s all fun and games until someone pokes an eye out. pops an ear drum.”

If you’re American you’ve probably used a Q-tip in your ear at some point. And if you’re tuned-in to health news, you’ve also probably seen at some point or another that you’re really not supposed to (or just read the box, which specifically warns against it).

This year, an advisory panel of the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery is making another push in the campaign against over-cleaning ears, including making their guidelines patient friendly. Why? Because their experience is that most people want to be involved and in charge of their own health! And that’s a good thing, they just want to redirect you a bit… Read more about ear cleaning…


Treat Your Skin

January 3, 2017

skin-care-multiIf the spirit of the New Year has you making improvements, make sure to treat your skin.

Our skin has more factors than we typically think about working on it—skin plays a role in our health, keeping pathogens out, taking environmental damage (from sun, dryness, and pollution), and supporting microbial colonies that support and protect our health; our skin will also reflect what we eat, and really, reflect our overall health and lifestyle! It deserves a little extra attention.

If you’re working to improve your health, mood, hobbies, or just keep your looks a bit younger as the years pass by, your skin is a central part of that plan. It makes up a big part of what you project—in the mirror back to yourself and to the world. And that reflection can impact a lot of things. If you’re going to make new friends, improve your mood, energy, and more, don’t overlook your skin! Make sure it has support from something like Anti-Aging Skin Regenerator. Read more about skin care…


Don’t Be Stopped

January 2, 2017

sore-muscle-runnerIn our quest for better health, new things are sometimes necessary, and not everything can be as easy as taking a break with a cup of tea. Sometimes new hobbies use muscles that hadn’t been moved like that before, or added intensity to a workout or goal (like finally doing that marathon) can cause muscle exhaustion.

So be prepared, don’t let the side effects of meeting your goals deter you!

Start with keeping the fluids up. Forget the 8 glass a day “rule”; you get water from food, too, and how much you need (versus how much you lose) can vary day to day for the individual, never mind person to person. So always have a healthy drink on hand like water, caffeine free tea, or other sugarless options. Read more about muscle care…