Woman eating yogurtIf you like probiotics, you probably know about how helpful they can be when you have a tummy ache. You can avoid it altogether if you grab some probiotics as soon as you eat something iffy, but you can really see the effect if you take a couple because your stomach starts to tense, and it soon stops!

But probiotics have effects so far beyond the gut. For one, they’re not just in the gut. They’re everywhere (especially on the skin). They work as a first-line of defense for your immune system, crowding out and even fighting pathogens (just like when you eat something spoiled or contaminated). They play a similar role on the skin, offering extra protection for minor cuts and even affecting acne.

And they impact many aspects of our health, from our brain/mood, to weight, to diseases we get—including diabetes. Read more about probiotics…


Essential Colloids

July 14, 2016

Copper SpoonsTrace minerals play an important role in the body. In most cases, it’s glossed over pretty hard—but modern medicine is coming back around to finding and taking advantage of the different effects nano minerals and elements play.

There is one that’s pretty well documented: copper. Copper is probably most notable for helping form collagen and elastin, which not only support firm skin, but heart health. Read more about copper…


Bottom of the barrel pillsOver the next few months, researchers expect to find more antibiotic resistance in more strains of bacteria. It’s time to double down on prevention (like handwashing, safe food practices, and staying home when sick) and support (like immune support from colloidal silver, resting, and getting enough nutrition).

MCR-1, a gene that passes easily between different bacteria, has now been found in several countries—including the US, and now that we’re looking, we expect to see a lot more of it. MCR-1 causes resistance to one of our last line of defense antibiotics, one that’s reserved for the nastiest bacteria and comes with its own nasty side-effects. Read more about antibiotic resistance…


Idea GirlIf it feels like summer is flying by, maybe it’s time to slow down and focus—make each game of golf count, stay alert when you’re out in nature, stop thinking ahead to fall, or just stop and notice all the teeming life we walk past every day.

While you can start by getting enough sleep, eating right, and staying active, don’t miss out to boost your clarity, focus, mood, and energy this summer with colloidal gold. Read more about colloidal gold…


Woman on Laptop in BedThere are dozens of things you can do to get a good night’s sleep: exercise each morning, turn your screens off an hour before bed, turn all your lights off when the sun goes down, avoid alcohol, avoid caffeine, eliminate light and noise in your room, have a newer mattress and pillow…

Very few people are doing all those things! In other words, we all have room for improvement, and could be getting a better night’s sleep. But how to get there without some major lifestyle changes?

With targeted, natural, nutritional support, like that found in our Sleep Support Pack. Read more about natural sleep…Everyo