Forlorn Womn In HospitalRemember the superbug outbreak linked to endoscopes? Basically, endoscopes were collecting germs (particularly CRE) and passing them between patients—despite following manufacturer and FDA directions.

The initial analysis(/assumption) was that it was related to the grooves in the scopes, and hospitals promised to go above and beyond the bare recommendations to prevent future outbreaks.

After months of tracking the spread of infection, we have another culprit: the machines used to “clean” the scopes. Following manual cleaning the machines wash the scopes with disinfectant Read more about HAIs…



MRSA is Getting Worse

November 13, 2015

Pills and others in doctors handsMost stories about MRSA are about how it’s spreading. A scraped knee outside your home, an outbreak at the school gym, nevermind the hospital horror stories you can find anywhere they’re reviewed or rated.

What’s even more urgent, is that it’s getting worse. Stronger. More virulent. People who already have MRSA (about 1 in 100) end up even more sick if it isn’t diagnosed before treatment.

First, how does antibiotic resistance work? Read more about superbugs…


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Sick Girl In BedInfluenza loves cold weather, so it’s no surprise that people are coming down with the flu all over the place. Google Flu Trends is gone, but others are stepping up to create forecasts.

What’s it look like? One map has the east coast (especially the northeast) full of flu, with a growing number of cases spreading out west.

If you haven’t encountered it yet, you’re running out of time to prep. As people travel, the flu—and different strains, will be traveling too. Read more sick tips…



Apple with HeartWhether you’re older or younger, already facing heart problems, worried about what’s to come, or currently just fine, it’s always a good time to work on improving heart health.

Too Early?

Nope. Obviously, prevention is the best case scenario, and you’re never too young to do something for your heart!

Here’s where we hit all the basics: exercise, good nutrition, good habits, and enough sleep.

But there’s always more you can do: sneak some more antioxidants in your diet (try our antioxidant formula), or even do it with a nice cup of tea in the afternoon. For a bit more activity, try sneaking in some more standing, and walk places whenever you have the chance.

And get tested—as early as your insurance will allow (or if your doctor thinks you need it earlier). Catching small symptoms early, according to more and more studies, can make a HUGE difference. Read more about heart health…



Fix the Little Things

November 10, 2015

Hand on Face WomanWouldn’t it be great to follow every recommendation? Whether it comes from the latest study, your doctor, or accepted folk wisdom. But, as with many things, you might be surprised how many things are slipping past you each day.

While you may focus on the big things: hand washing, resting when you’re sick, getting a daily multivitamin, cold and flu season is a time of year where you really get hit by the things you miss. Read more winter tips…