Omega-3s do more than support your heart (although research shows they’re very good at that). They support your eye health, brain, and more. According to new research, they may even help balance out the inflammatory effect of air pollution.

A popular source for omega-3 fatty acids is fish oil. A better source, though? Krill oil.

Many Americans add an omega-3 supplement to their diet to help improve their nutrition (the average American diet is super high in inflammatory foods and low in anti-inflammatory foods, Omega-3 in particular). In fact, many are told they need to take it. Read more about omega-3 fatty acids…

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Today does not just mark the clock springing forward one hour, it marks a peak day for heart attacks and traffic accidents. Yes, technically daylight savings happened yesterday so everyone could adjust, but the overwhelming spike in accidents and heart attacks happens to most people on Monday.

Balance your day against it. Take breaks, especially heart healthy ones like light exercise, a cup of tea, or a cat nap if you can fit one in.

When you’re out and about, drive cautiously and watch for other drivers who might be driving erratically. Remember that the sun will be in a different position during your commute, so grab a pair of sunglasses or take an alternate route, if you can, try an alter what time you leave in the evening today.

Of all days, today is the day to practice heart health. You might be tempted to drink extra caffeine to compensate for that lost hour of sleep, but caffeine can increase your stress and anxiety, and can get your heart beating faster and harder. Heavy meals, extra sugar or junk, or other dietary attempts to boost your energy might also make your heart work harder. Instead, take it easier. Slow, steady munching, a decaf hot drink like Jiaogulan Tea, and a healthy lunch. Read more about Daylight Savings Time and Heart Health…

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It seems weird to be talking about Listeria when there are still outbreaks of Norovirus and other viral stomach flus going around, but there have been enough warm days that Listeria is already an issue.

While there have been a few Listeria recalls this year, the latest is a nationwide cheese recall of soft wash-rind raw milk cheeses.

What are the different types of stomach flu?

Norovirus and similar winter stomach flus are spread more virulently than summer ones. Norovirus causes both vomiting and diarrhea, but the germs spread farther than you think (by about 20 feet) and require stronger chemical cleaners to destroy. Read more about Listeria…

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Whatever you love to do outside—walks, peaceful time in the garden, golf, tennis, hiking or climbing—there are some warm days appearing on the calendar to do it. But, there are still plenty of cool days, with wind, rain, or even snow, depending on where you live. So make the most of your time playing outside with colloidal gold!

How does colloidal gold help? It’s reported to boost mental acuity; that includes memory, focus & concentration, mood, visual acuity, and even hand-eye coordination and energy.

It’s not like caffeine, though. The energy you feel won’t be the electric jolt, it won’t trigger insomnia, and it won’t crash. Instead, it’s derived from that same place that boosts your calm, focus, and concentration. It’s more of a subtle “get things done” energy/clarity than a frenzy.

If you’re going to be engaging in fast-paced activity, it’s a better way to support yourself. In addition to other preventative care like stretching, drinking water, and practicing techniques, a little colloidal gold each day can help give you a focused edge over your opponent. Or it can just help you turn inward and enjoy your time in the peaceful outside!

Colloidal gold works best as a daily supplement. While some use it as a boost when they have an important day (like a test, presentation, or important meeting), it is more effective when it’s a small but regular part of your morning.

Help nurture your creativity, clear brain fog, and hone your skills with colloidal gold. Indoors and out, after a few weeks you’ll notice the difference that supplementing with colloidal gold will make.

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Refresh the Basics

March 8, 2017

Don’t fixate too much on all the specifics out there right now. Viruses are everywhere: cold, flu, Norovirus, and with warm patches of weather other problems will start picking up like Lyme Disease. Instead of getting bogged down by a long list of incoming problems, focus on the basics, and tighten down all of your self care.

Start with enough sleep. If you aren’t getting enough, it can lead to a long list of problems that impact other health basics and makes symptoms of other diseases harder to spot.

To get more sleep, start by planning it into your schedule. If you need more than time, make sure that your bed is only used for sleep, and your room is gentle on all five senses (taste you say? It’s all in how you clean your teeth before bed). Still stuck? Try a natural sleep aid that won’t mess with your tomorrow. Read more about pumping up health basics…

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