Man Researching on a computerJuly 28th is National Hepatitis Day, and it’s a day everyone should note. Even in our modern age with several treatments and a “cure” on the market, Hepatitis isn’t just a big problem, it’s a growing one!

While groups like the World Health Organization are working to raise awareness, individuals can work to avoid Hepatitis C, and support their immune systems (or directly support the liver with targeted nutrition) if they find they already have it.

A recent study tested blood samples taken in the ER for Hepatitis C, and found that many, many more people are at risk than had previously been believed. In particular, people in their twenties and thirties were testing positive unexpectedly. Read more about Hepatitis C…


Kid Eating Ice CreamNew research has made a strong link between kids who have migraines, and low vitamin level.

Now, keep in mind that vitamin recommendations are a minimum, just what people need to survive. According to the research, kids who reported headaches/migraines to their doctors also had low levels of several important vitamins.

What really strikes me about this new research is that more than anything, kid-marketed foods are almost over-fortified with vitamins and minerals. Other countries have banned fortified foods because of quality, inaccuracy, and other concerns. Between cheap, low-quality supplements, unhealthy, fortified (poorly?) foods, and the below-standard American diet, I bet there are more problems than migraine headaches affecting more than just kids. Read more about multivitamins…


Older Woman ExercisingYou might already know that copper is essential for building collagen and elastin, part of what’s responsible for smooth, firm skin. Copper also contributes to darker hair color, and we’ve had people tell us it reversed some of their graying. But copper goes beyond skin and hair, and is important to overall health.

Copper has roles all throughout the body, from red blood cells, to organs, to metabolic processes including the metabolism of cholesterol. Copper even affects the levels of other important nutrients, like iron. And in addition to making skin firm, it supports firm healthy veins and arteries.

And if you’re short on copper, your immune system is being shorted, too. Copper helps fight free radicals, and to stimulate the immune system.

Who needs more copper? Some people might just notice that it was what was missing, especially because of how it supports skin and hair, which most people take a close look at each day. Others who might need copper are those on special diets—many natural sources of copper are also ones that are commonly excluded, like nuts, meat, and grains. With any exclusionary diet, make sure to cover the gaps with the appropriate supplements. Read more about copper…


Woman with sun shaped sunscreenThis summer, there’s a lot of health concerns to juggle: heat/sunburn, tick diseases, Zika (and slower spreading cousins Chik-V, yellow fever, and dengue), sinus infections, summer colds, and more.

Cover all your bases at once with immune support from colloidal silver. Even during warm summer months, there’s a lot that can weaken your immune system, from fun travel to bothersome allergies to accidental sunburn.

It’s useful to be stocked up on colloidal silver in the summer because there are multiple uses to keep summer fun! Read more about summer support…


Summer ClarityWhether you’re spending summer climbing, hiking, and riding, or just floating, sunning, and picnicking (or instead are choosing to absorb as much culture as possible with books, plays in the park, and all the great shows everyone you know is raving about) make sure you’re sharp and fresh for it!

Colloidal gold can not only help you stay sharp and focused, it’s reported to support memory, hand-eye coordination, energy, mood, and general mental acuity. Read more about colloidal gold…