Don’t Have CPR Certification For A Medical Emergency? Read The New CPR Guidelines

April 11, 2011

Medical Emergency

1) Call 911 2) Press Hard & Fast In The Center Of The Chest

CPR certification can save lives during a medical emergency, but if you don’t know CPR, choosing to act can be a difficult, or even dangerous, decision.

Recently, CPR guidelines for bystanders have changed. There are 2 simple steps to follow:

  1. Call 911
  2. Push Hard & Fast in the center of the chest.

You can read more about CPR guidelines for a medical emergency at
The new guidelines are meant to simplify the procedure for those are do not have CPR certification, as well as protect anyone who may think they need to provide the pulmonary part of CPR, which can carry risks (the exchange of fluid, including blood, from the mouth of the victim can transmit serious diseases).

If you want to be prepared for a medical emergency, it’s easy to find CPR certification classes near you. You can also get CPR certification that is tailored to saving children and babies, which is recommended for new parents and caretakers.

Which CPR classes do you think are the most valuable? Have you tried the home video tutorials, and would you recommend them?

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