The Lingering Effects Of Lacking Probiotics

May 15, 2015

Kids PlaygroundChildhood obesity is a leading concern, which has lead to research that can help everyone.

Many studies have found correlations between two scenarios where kids miss out on having a healthy probiotic colony, then gain weight.

The first is (usually) out of parents control (but might be tempered by introducing probiotics early and often in life, either through yogurt or adding some to milk): C-Sections. One of the important things that happens during vaginal birth, is exposure to a colony of good bacteria that’s almost identical to one’s own good stomach bacteria colony. C-Section babies are instead exposed to skin bacterial colonies, which are more composed of bad bacterial strains, which can include MRSA.

This is the going explanation for why kids who were brought into the world through this sort of emergency intervention tend to weigh more by 8 years old.

Problem two in childhood obesity is the overuse of antibiotics. Since antibiotics don’t discriminate between good and bad bacteria, getting them too often (for every sniffle, pink spot, and scratch) can lead to a serious lack of protective bacteria! Kids need probiotic support as much as adults—and note, they’re not getting it from candy-flavored yogurt snacks!

Everyone Needs A Good Probiotic In Their Diet

When you’re buying fermented foods like yogurt, don’t assume they’re a good source of probiotics, read the label! Some have little or no probiotics. You want one that has a high count, with a large variety of types.

If you’re taking a supplement? Quality matters! There are lots of problems with low-quality supplements. Here’s another to tack on the list: over half of top-selling probiotics often contain gluten! Only a handful of those are above the FDA’s requirement for a gluten-free label, but for people with Celiac Disease, even a small amount can cause HUGE stomach upset—the opposite of what you’re trying to accomplish with probiotics!

That’s why quality matters. Make sure that you’re getting a high-quality supplement. One way to do that is to look for the Colloids for Life logo.

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