Build Healthy Habits into Your Day

December 30, 2016

tea-break-workersIf you want to be successful at building healthy habits, the best trick is to build them right into your day. Make them a natural (even fun) rhythm in your day instead of having them stand out as a chore.

Our favorite healthy habit? A tea break, especially if it’s with our healthier, caffeine free Jiaogulan Tea. Use it to munch vegetables, take a mental break/reset, or just sip something that supports your health (rather than jacking up on sugar, caffeine, or artificial flavor).

Jiaogulan isn’t like trendy teas with enhanced flavor and pops of sugar (even if it’s snuck in as another ingredient). It’s an earthy, natural taste, with plenty of antioxidants and flavonoids. In SouthEast Asia it’s known as the tea of life and associated with better heart health and longevity.

If you’re making resolutions for next year, make achievable ones that contribute to a bigger long-term goal. A cup of tea replaces the sleep disrupting caffeine and weight disrupting sugar of other drinks that get pushed in front of you all day long (and a warmer drink is better for digestion than a cold one). If you’re reaching for the more traditional goals of weight loss or better health, it can be your first step. If you’re trying to meet a trendier goal, it can be your planning time, or just go right along with it (it’s great on a nature walk, with a book, or while you create).

The good feelings from a small step can lead to bigger steps, and bigger steps. A cup of tea like Jiaogulan is so simple, it’s giving yourself a small win to start the next year off on the right foot.

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