Can I Put Colloidal Silver in My Humidifier?

September 24, 2020

You’re not the first person to think of the question “can I put colloidal silver in my humidifier?”. In fact, I’ve actually tried it! So here’s what to know if you’re thinking about putting colloidal silver in your humidifier, are ready to try putting colloidal silver in your humidifier, or want to improve your plan to put colloidal silver in your humidifier.

Can I Put Colloidal Silver in My Humidifier?

The Short Answer: Yes! The answer to “can I put colloidal silver in my humidifier?” is, basically, yes.

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But, we’ll get into the thing you should consider before adding colloidal silver to your humidifier in a second, so don’t run and dump it in yet!

In general, you’re not going to hurt yourself and *probably* won’t hurt your humidifier if you decide to try adding a little colloidal silver. As part of the longer answer, though—there may be a better way to achieve your goal than adding colloidal silver to your humidifier.

What Happens When I Put Colloidal Silver in My Humidifier?

Now that we know that you can put colloidal silver in your humidifier, let’s look at what happens next.

When I added colloidal silver to my humidifier, a good portion ended up coating the inside. I can’t really say if any actually ended up elsewhere (like in the humidity it put out), but I was wiping silver particles off the inside of the reservoir for a long time.

Meanwhile, the humidifier stopped having any sort of things (like pink slime) grow in it. So while I don’t think it did much for health support, it did seem to help keep the humidifier cleaner. It didn’t break the motor, but I didn’t add a lot or do it over a long period of time. My humidifier has been near-constantly running for 8 years this October, with no sign of trouble.

Why Should I Put Colloidal Silver in My Humidifier

So, to say it’s worth it if I can put colloidal silver in  my humidifier—that depends. What’s your goal? There’s two main reasons I can think of to put colloidal silver in your humidifier—to make your immune support airborne (especially during cold and flu season) and/or to keep the gross stuff that ends up growing in humidifiers at bay.

To Keep My Humidifier Clean

If your only goal is to keep your humidifier clean, start by checking the manual. My humidifier recommended a weekly cleaning with vinegar, which I do passively after shaking it around the inside of the reservoir a bit then letting everything sit in pure vinegar. Then I dump, refill, and carry on—but it doesn’t 100% stop pink slime and other build-up between cleanings, and a tiny amount of colloidal silver may help with that.

Whenever people use colloidal silver for its germ-fighting properties to clean, we recommend Hot Tub Silver. It’s a lower-grade colloidal silver that’s perfect for cleaning, and, as it’s named, is used by others to keep hot tubs clean. It would probably make a good fit for humidifiers, too. 

Note: there’s no reason colloidal silver could or would stop calcium deposits from forming, so if that’s the problem you’re having try a water softener instead.

To Put Colloidal Silver in The Air 

If you’re trying to smartly bulk-up your immune support by getting colloidal silver into the air you breathe, it’s not a bad idea! But there’s a better way!

While yes, you can put colloidal silver in your humidifier, if you’re trying to get that immune support directly into your respiratory system, your eyes, sinuses, throat, lungs, and more—you’ll have much better success using a nebulizer.

Nebulizers don’t require prescriptions—people who have prescriptions are taking medicine (usually steroids) through a nebulizer, and that’s what the prescription is for. But there are other things you can put in nebulizers that don’t require prescriptions, like colloidal silver.

If your goal is breathing in immune supporting colloidal silver, use a nebulizer instead. 

What You Should Know If You Put Colloidal Silver In Your Humidifier

This article is in no way intended to assure you that colloidal silver in your humidifier won’t clog, destroy the motor, or cause other problems. Do so at your own risk, and check through the manual. Every humidifier is different.

Moreso, this was meant to look at the many ways you can use colloidal silver (rather than ways you can modify your humidifier). From the perspective of colloidal silver, yes, you can put colloidal silver in your humidifier—but do so at your own (/the humidifiers) risk.

The Many Ways to Use Colloidal Silver

If you were wondering “can I put colloidal silver in my humidifier” you should know that there are actually lots of ways to use colloidal silver around your house!

Try Smelly Shoe Spray to kill odors in shoes, clothes, and more, or find your own ways to make colloidal silver work for you.

Colloidal silver is very versatile—make sure you have some in your home!

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