Can I Take Colloidal Silver for a UTI?

February 5, 2020

A UTI–or urinary tract infection–is one of the easiest illnesses to diagnose and treat at home. Most women and some men will experience a UTI at some point (up to 40% of women will experience a UTI by age 40, with increasing prevalence after menopause—when women become up to four times more likely to get a UTI). With UTIs being common, it’s important for both men and women to know the symptoms, as well as at home health supporting methods like taking colloidal silver for a UTI, which can help both ass prevention or as after-infection support!

Symptoms of a UTI

The most well-known symptom of a urinary tract infection is a burning sensation when you pee. Sometimes it can be difficult to initiate peeing when you have a urinary tract infection while feeling like you need to go almost constantly (and never feeling like you’ve done enough to get it out). A urinary tract infection will also cause dark, smelly urine that is sometimes cloudy (so it’s different than urine dark from dehydration or morning urine).

In older adults, a UTI can cause dementia like symptoms, go untreated longer, and is more likely to lead to other complications—so it’s more important to support older adults with natural, gentle immune support like colloidal silver. For UTIs, as with other things, older adults may be less likely to communicate physical symptoms.

Any infection, including a UTI, can cause fever and tiredness as the immune system works to fight off the infection. Support the immune system with colloidal silver for UTIs and more.

The Bladder is Just the Start of a Urinary Tract Infection

A basic urinary tract infection starts in the urethra—the tube pee comes from. It’s caused by bacteria making its way in—often either from improper wiping, sex, or sometimes just bad luck. Untreated, or in someone with a weakened immune system, the bacterial infection can then spread further up the urinary tract, often getting in the bladder, than through the ureters (the tubes connecting the bladder to the kidneys) and finally to the kidneys. Kidney health is not to be taken lightly, but the risk of an untreated UTI doesn’t stop there—it can blossom into sepsis (a blood infection) or worse.

Staying on top of urinary tract infection symptoms with good prevention, taking home remedies early, and more (like taking colloidal silver for a UTI) is important to prevent more serious symptoms. If back pain develops when you have a UTI, seek medical attention.

Home Remedies and Colloidal Silver for a UTI

Home remedies should always start with prevention. For a UTI, that means certain hygienic steps—women should only ever wipe front to back when peeing, and both men and women should pee after sex. Showering, clean underwear, etc., are also helpful steps in keeping bacteria away from your urinary tract (as a general tip, always use a clean washcloth when you shower—reusing washcloths, including loofahs, not only contributes to bacteria build up but is specifically associated with staph and antibiotic resistant germs taking residence on the skin).

Other prevention includes water and colloidal silver for UTIs. Peeing often, with “watery” light colored pee, helps push bacteria out of the urinary tract. Some of the colloidal silver will also pass through the urinary tract, offering more direct immune support.

A long-held folk remedy for treating urinary tract infections at home includes drinking cranberry juice. The acidic nature of cranberry juice helps to kill the bacteria that may be lining the bladder (according to proponents of this UTI treatment). It’s absolutely essential to only drink pure cranberry juice, however. Cranberry cocktail or cranberry juice mixed with something sweeter (a way to cheat on “added” sugar) will instead feed the bacteria, which love sugar!

At the same time, if you have a urinary tract infection or get them chronically, be sure to avoid eating or drinking sugar. Not only can too much sugar fuel a urinary tract infection, it nourishes unhealthy bacteria throughout the body. Water is the best thing you can drink.

Colloidal Silver for UTI Prevention

Many people take colloidal silver each day in order to have constant immune support—before the unexpected hits, whether it’s a UTI, the flu, or something else. You can use colloidal silver for UTI prevention, or use colloidal silver for UTI home remedies (alongside drinking lots of water, cranberry juice, and avoiding sugars).

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