Can You Take Colloidal Silver Orally?

July 23, 2020

Are you new to alternative and complementary health? It may be a little overwhelming—when it comes to supporting your health, there’s lots of options and they come with lots of information and strong opinions. And then someone recommends something like colloidal silver. What is colloidal silver? Can you take colloidal silver orally? What does colloidal silver do?

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Let’s look at some introductory questions about colloidal silver!

Can You Take Colloidal Silver Orally—Yes!

Colloidal silver is an immune supporting supplement. Supplement generally refers to something taken orally, so yes, you can take colloidal silver orally.

In addition to that, we know you can take colloidal silver orally because it been used for hundreds of years as immune support—it’s not a new age or made-up thing, it’s what people did before modern antibiotics (if they had money and access, at least!).

Like gold, humans have been interacting with silver for far longer—thousands of years! Humans have been wearing it, eating off it, and surrounding themselves with it, and at some point they discovered they could get health supporting benefits from it!

Why Can You Take Colloidal Silver Orally?

Colloidal silver is just nanosilver particles and water, so if you’re wondering why can you take colloidal silver orally, it’s because it’s just two simple, pretty well understood ingredients.

Why did humans start taking colloidal silver orally? Some say it’s because they correlated better health with eating off of and wearing silver—but let’s be honest, humans are pretty curious, they may have just been experimenting, looking for medicine or magic.

What matters is it stuck—humans found value in continuing to take colloidal silver orally for hundreds of years. Up into the last century modern medicine was still using it to prevent infection!

Can You Take Colloidal Silver Orally—If It’s Pure!

There are many forms of silver—silver jewelry, silver mixed with other metals or minerals, silver coated plastic, paints, and clothes.

When it comes to making sure if you can take colloidal silver orally, make sure it’s true colloidal silver.

Sometimes products are labelled as colloidal silver or compared to colloidal silver when they’re just a cheaper form of silver! Ionic silver, silver proteins, and mixed products containing silver are not the same as colloidal silver, and some of those should not be taken orally.

Can You Take Colloidal Silver Orally—Sometimes No!

Are there any exceptions to if you can take colloidal silver orally? Just one! If you have an allergy to silver, do not take colloidal silver orally.

Most people discover they’re allergic to silver when they wear pure silver jewelry and still have a reaction. If you aren’t sure, you can get an allergy test or put silver to skin to see if there’s a reaction, then start small/slow if you take colloidal silver orally.

Most people don’t have an allergy or other problems.

Why Do You Take Colloidal Silver Orally?

Colloidal silver has long been used to support the immune system. It’s known to support skin to heal better/faster (which is why bandages and creams often contain silver as an ingredient), and has even been used in other ways (beyond health support) like keeping food fresh, fighting odor off gym clothes, etc.

People today who take colloidal silver orally are continuing to use it to support their immune system. Some people take it daily as support or prevention, others take it only when they need a boost. Since colloidal silver isn’t known to have interactions, it should be okay to take colloidal silver orally alongside other health support.

You Can Take Colloidal Silver Orally—And Other Ways!

Not only can you take colloidal silver orally, but silver has been used for so long people have discovered other ways to use it!

We’ve already mentioned that colloidal silver is well known for supporting skin. People apply it to skin before adding a bandage, or just generally apply to skin like a toner.

People also use colloidal silver as sinus support—either adding it to the water in their neti pot, or doing a whole sinus flood.

And colloidal silver can even be used in a nebulizer! People use it to support their lungs when they know they need a little boost.

Now you know if you can take colloidal silver orally—all that’s left is to try it out and see if colloidal silver is right for you.

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