Does Meat Glue Have You Afraid Of What You’re Eating? Cleanse The Colon With Colon CLNr!

April 22, 2011

Cleanse the Colon

Detox and Cleanse the Colon Naturally with Colon CLNr

Colon CLNr is a natural way to cleanse the colon on a regular basis. Using natural ingredients, including probiotics (replenishes and supports your natural colonies) and magnesium (helps lead to defication), Colon CLNr is a gentle enough way to detox and cleanse the colon that you can use it on a regular (or as needed) basis.

Every day we eat so much more than we think about… meat glue, artificial color, indigestible sugars…and many times our diets can lapse, so that we aren’t getting enough fiber, are creating to much gas, or are out of balance in terms of food groups.

Over time toxins can build up, leading to slower digestion and feelings of sluggishness. Other things, such as age, can weaken our GI tract, making it less effective. Supporting the colon with a cleanse, as well as natural nutrients and probiotics can help improve the colon’s functioning (leading to the recommended 2-4 bowel movements daily).

Colon CLNr is designed to encourage strengthening of the bowel muscles over time, as well as regular, softer bowel movements. Further, it strengthens the mucus that lines the colon and discourages inflammation. Cleanse the colon overnight by taking Colon CLNr before bed.

Whether you’re worried about meat glue, or just want a tune up, Colon CLNr can assist you.

What ingredients are you most worried about?

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