Colloidal Copper Testimonials

June 23, 2020

Colloidal copper is one of our most popular health supporting products, but why? Today, let’s look at some colloidal copper testimonials to see what people have to say and why they love colloidal copper!

Copper is an essential nutrient, and like most nutrients, there’s a good chance you could use a little more—that’s why so many people are so quick to notice a difference when they try colloidal copper. Before we get to colloidal copper testimonials, let’s see what colloidal copper is and how colloidal copper is used.

All About Colloidal Copper

Copper is a nutrient. It’s also an antioxidant, and antimicrobial. That means it has some ability to fight free radicals and germs.

Colloidal copper is a type of copper supplement, it’s made of nanosized pure copper particles suspended in water—and nothing else. Since it’s pure copper, it’s an easier way to tell how much copper you are supplementing.

But why colloidal copper testimonials—why are people so excited? As an essential nutrient, copper is used throughout the body, so a little more can sometimes make a big difference.

Why Do People Take Colloidal Copper?

When we talk about why people supplement with colloidal copper (and what they write colloidal copper testimonials for), we usually focus on two big jobs copper has: helping your body use iron, and supporting firm, smooth tissue (this means tissue inside your body, like in your cardiovascular system, and tissue outside, like your skin).

Many people are advised to supplement with/eat more iron. They might look pale, feel fatigued, and have other symptoms of iron deficiency (which can be common). But it’s important to look at overall health and the whole body, iron doesn’t work alone! Your body also needs copper to use iron, and sometimes we need whole nutrition (copper and iron) to fix an issue like iron deficiency!

Secondly, most people care about how they look, and copper is essential for your skin to be able to look smooth, firm, and be healthy and supple. It’s used when your body makes elastin and collagen (which are responsible for healthy, firm, smooth skin!).

Other Colloidal Copper Uses

While supplementing with colloidal copper is common and simple, many colloidal copper testimonials come from another way to use colloidal copper: spray it directly onto skin.

Our skin needs extra support, especially as we age. Spraying colloidal copper onto skin not only directly supports skin, but allows the use of a little more colloidal copper where it’s needed without overloading your diet!

Since colloidal copper uses pure nano sized copper particles, it can easily penetrate skin for support. Just spray on clean skin and let dry!

What are People Saying in Their Colloidal Copper Testimonials?

People love telling us how quickly they notice a difference with colloidal copper, that it’s made their skin smoother, or that they feel healthier. Let’s look closer at colloidal copper testimonials! (Find the whole colloidal copper testimonials on our Colloidal Copper page!).

Colloidal Copper Testimonial 1:

This is a good product

What can be better than such a simple colloidal copper testimonial? Whether or not they’ve tried other copper products—expensive creams with only a small amount, cheap masks with other additives, or have just struggled with finding any product that truly supports firm, smooth skin—this colloidal copper testimonial is a sigh of relief (and satisfaction).

Colloidal Copper Testimonial 2:

[I] have been ordering my Colloidal Copper for some time now.  The product is excellent and does wonders for my skin.

We love our long-time customers, and are glad they share their results with us in their colloidal copper testimonials! 

Finding the right product for your skin type can be challenging. There are so many factors, from age, oiliness, dryness, hormones and more! But copper is an essential nutrient (it’s for everyone!), so most people are pleased with the support it offers.

Colloidal Copper Testimonial 3:

Love this so far. Can tell a difference in my skin already.

That moment when you realize you’ve found something that works for you—it’s glorious, and one of the reasons customers are happy to leave colloidal copper testimonials! Colloidal copper often sparks amazement in those who try it. In recent years, we’ve even heard from people about how it supports their hair!

Colloidal Copper Testimonial 4:

Ok… this isn’t really a colloidal copper testimonial, so much as a confession. Like our other products, colloidal silver, colloidal gold, and our daily multivitamins, we use it too! Just like the customers who leave colloidal copper testimonials, we’ve noticed the results and we’ve become hooked on our own products!

Find out for yourself whether you need colloidal copper support and try colloidal copper for yourself. Maybe you’ll leave our next colloidal copper testimonial!

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