Colloidal Silver For Acne

April 24, 2013

From the occasional blemish to full on breakouts, you should try colloidal silver for acne. Although there are different triggers for acne (oil, dead skin, make-up), it’s ultimately caused by bacteria and inflammation—two things colloidal silver is good at fighting.

Now MesoSilver, the leading brand of colloidal silver (for it’s purity and hard to achieve particle size), is available in a topical form so that you can support the healing of everything from acne to minor scrapes, cuts, and burns. The cream pairs colloidal silver with other organic and natural ingredients known to fight pathogens and promote healing, including honey and aloe. It also has Vitamins to help support skin health.

Put MesoSilver topical cream into your daily ritual: use a gentle cleanser or just water and a washcloth to clean your face, pat dry (to avoid removing oils), apply some colloidal silver ointment to any blemishes or spots prone to blemishes, and follow with your favorite moisturizer (with coconut oil as an ingredient, you can also use it as a facial moisturizer, especially if you’re prone to all over breakouts or rosacea).

Occasionally, add an exfoliate to your routine.

For truly severe acne, you might have to change your diet. Lower sugar intake may make a difference, as can avoiding foods with added hormones.

Have you tried colloidal silver for acne?

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