Does Colloidal Silver Work for Sinus Infections?

June 18, 2020

Colloidal silver is a versatile immune supporting supplement. For hundreds of years, it’s been used not only as immune support, but as skin support, sinus support, and more.

Today colloidal silver is still used as an immune supporting supplement and more. It’s safe to use in many ways, making it a great tool to support your health and wellbeing.

If you’re wondering—does colloidal silver work for sinus infections?—Yes! That’s just one of the ways you can use colloidal silver to support your health.

Using Colloidal Silver

Silver has been used for a long time as more than just a decoration. It’s health supporting form, colloidal silver, is drunk, but using silver containers, coins, and more were ways that people tried to get the benefit of silver in other ways. Modern companies have continued this trend by using nanosilver to coat everything from sports gear to food containers and washing machines, in order to prevent germ build-up.

To look closer at “does colloidal silver work for sinus infections?”—colloidal silver, true, pure colloidal silver at least, is just nanosilver particles suspended in water. This makes it safe, versatile, and easy to use in many different ways!

Does Colloidal Silver Work for Sinus Infections?

It can be as simple as taking a little colloidal silver each day to support the body as it fights off a sinus infection—but there are many ways that colloidal silver can work for sinus infection support! The best way to make colloidal silver work for sinus infections is to mix and match the ways to use it that you’re most comfortable with!

How Does Colloidal Silver work for Sinus Infections—Neti Pot

If you chronically suffer from sinus infections, you’ve probably gotten comfortable with a neti pot and doing a daily sinus rinse.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with a neti pot, it’s a little lidded, spouted jar that pours water up one nostril and out the other. It’s very important to only use clean distilled or purified water, because tap water contains amoebas, germs, and other organisms that can make things much worse!

Once you’re comfortable with a neti pot, add a drop or two of colloidal silver to your daily sinus rinse to get direct immune support deep into your sinuses.

How Does Colloidal Silver work for Sinus Infections—Sinus Flood

This is the biggest, most effective way to experience how does colloidal silver work for sinus infections.

Some people have narrow, maybe even naturally blocked sinuses, or have chronic health conditions (allergies) that make sinus infections more likely. Sometimes things happen so that you end up with a raging sinus infection with severe congestion.

A sinus flood puts colloidal silver in your sinuses while you hang your head upside down—this lets it go deep (your sinuses have cavities branching out up to your eyebrows), sinking past mucus, getting it softer and looser so that when the sinus flood is over you can expel it. 

Using colloidal silver for a sinus flood gets direct support to crowded, infected sinus cavities.

How Does Colloidal Silver work for Sinus Infections—Prevent, Support, Prevent

If you’re prone to sinus infections, don’t wait until you have one to find out how does colloidal silver work for sinus infections! Use colloidal silver as daily immune support, or in a neti pot, or in a regular sinus flood, and keep your sinuses clear and supported.

If you think you’re getting a sinus infection, or have a different problem that’s increasing your risk of a sinus infection, increase support! 

And most importantly, keep support going after a sinus infection. Many people end up with what’s actually the same sinus infection growing back month after month—root it out with a sinus flood and colloidal silver.

How Does Colloidal Silver work for Sinus Infections—Targeting Causes of Sinus Infections

Allergies, colds, dusty, dirty jobs, and certain sinus/nasal shapes may make clogging up and growing bacteria or fungus a stronger possibility, alternately, certain jobs may make you more likely to be exposed to a sinus infection causing virus (viruses are the most likely culprit!).

If you know what causes a sinus infection, you can use your knowledge of how does colloidal silver work for sinus infections! For example, target the accumulation of dust from a dirty, smoky jobsite with a neti pot rinse. If you’re regularly exposed to the ill, treat your sinuses to a deep flood at the start of the week-end.

Or just cover your bases and use colloidal silver as daily immune support!

Make sure you have enough colloidal silver on hand so you can find out how does colloidal silver work for sinus infections.

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