Ebola Possibly International Concern

October 22, 2018

With hundreds of cases in the current DRC Ebola outbreak, things are only getting worse. Amid increased violence, the World Health Organization is having to pull back doctors from Ebola zones. The violence is also continuing to impact community cooperation.

Ebola is a highly contagious viral illness that kills more than half of those infected. Stopping outbreaks requires careful quarantine and tracking down anyone in contact with the infected. Although there have been improvements since the international outbreak of a few years ago (like a vaccine), Ebola is now popping up regularly in Africa in populated areas with several risk factors that make the outbreaks harder to control. With regard to the current outbreak, health officials have raised the risk level and are meeting to discuss international concerns.

With all the progress we’ve made, Ebola is still just a plane ride away.

The current Ebola outbreak is near dense population centers and borders with other countries—serious risks for an international outbreak (but not necessarily global). And the headlines aren’t getting better—kidnappings and other traumatic events aren’t just making it hard to track Ebola, they’re spreading it, and dragging it into already violent situations. With fewer healthcare workers, dwindling resources, and mounting problems, it’s more than just something to keep an eye on.

While you’re probably not planning to travel to a highly violent area, travelers in related areas, areas that take refugees, etc., might want to be extra cautious. With broken transmission patterns, watch local news in other countries, which should report areas and times where exposure may have occurred.

And keep your immune system strong with colloidal silver, at home and abroad.

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