Get Relief From Sinus Congestion

December 5, 2019

Dry weather, allergies, cold and flu… there are many causes of congestion this time of year. If you’re sniffling, snoring, mouth breathing or otherwise gasping for breath get relief from a sinus flood. A sinus flood is gentler than blowing, more thorough than using a neti pot, and can help relieve thick, deep, stuck mucus.

Congestion is a problem at all times of day. Even if you’re not sick, struggling to breath really zaps your energy. It takes time and focus away from working. And it makes sleep so much harder… making it more likely that you do end up sick! For a safe, natural, and gentler way to get the mucus out, try a sinus flood. 

A sinus flood involves hanging your head upside down, and using colloidal silver to fill the sinuses. This gives you direct immune support to the problem area while giving the liquid time to sink in deep and loosen thick, dry, or just runny mucus throughout the sinus cavity. And you do it twice within an hour to really get the mucus loosened and rinsed out.

It’s less difficult than it sounds, especially if you get a little help. Afterward, most people experience decreased sinus pain and pressure and longer relief than other mucus removal methods (and without the burst capillaries, sore skin, and other side-effects). If you need to make it through the work day, get a good night’s sleep, or just get a break from being congested, a sinus flood is the most efficient and thorough way to get sinus congestion relief.

To get instruction and the tools you need, pick up a Sinus Flooding Kit or a refill for everyone in your household. You’ll have relief ready to go for the rest of cold and flu season.

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