Get the Best Support from Krill Oil

July 26, 2018

When talking about the best way to support your health, experts love to play tug of war over fish oil. A study comes out showing that it supports heart, eye, or brain health, or that it’s good for longevity. A contrary piece comes out—don’t we know taking fish oil is bad for the environment? And it’s all bunk anyway they say—not because of a study, but because of their own motivations.

Well, good news. Skip the drama, and just take krill oil. Not only does it have the omega-3 benefits of fish oil, it’s better. Krill oil is easier for your stomach to digest—no fishy burps or stomach upset. In addition to omega-3s, it also has the powerful antioxidant astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is so powerful it acts as a preservative, so no additional additives are necessary to get krill oil from the deep ocean to you!

And it’s not just astaxanthin keeping krill oil fresh, it’s the sustainable harvesting method. Deep Ocean Krill Oil’s harvesting is overseen by the World Wildlife Fund Norway, helping to ensure you aren’t contributing to the environmental damage that fish oil does.

Krill is at the bottom of the food change. There’s a lot of it, and it replenishes quickly, unlike the higher up fish harvested for fish oil, contributing to its sustainability. Not only that, but being at the bottom is important when it comes to seafood, it means you’re getting a true purity, whereas the higher up you go—basically, the bigger the fish—they more you’re eating mercury and other toxins. Almost no fish oil brands make any effort to remove those impurities, either!

Support your heart, brain, eyes, and more without the drama that surrounds fish oil. Choose the better for you, better for the environment option, and get more omega-3s in your diet with Deep Ocean Krill Oil.

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