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February 14, 2017

The weather is hot, then it’s cold, then warm, then clouds come and really let us have it. This cold and flu season has been hard to predict, and as counties continue to report that they’re experiencing all the hallmarks of a bad flu season that’s still growing, it’s not too late to do something for your immune system.

One of the things that’s really making this a bad year isn’t just the severity of the illnesses going around, it’s the variety. Strep, sinus infections, colds, Norovirus, and influenza. You can get colds and flu viruses more than once a season. Through in all these other pathogens and forget about it, you’re going to experience a lot of sick days.

But you can be ready, and be a little bit stronger with Maitake Beta Glucan Extract. Mushrooms are a well-known and important part of Eastern medicine, and they’ve become a popular subjuect for studies in the west, too. One compound found in mushrooms, beta-glucan, is associated with enhanced immune activity, which basically means all your immune cells come out and work hard.

The mushrooms in Maitake Beta Glucan Extract have a lot in common (so far as research goes), in that they’re associated with increased immune activity. But they’re also a nice blend of what studies suggest are some really specific forms of support. Their work to boost the immune system at the cellular level may help it to fight everything from pathogens like viruses, to (as is believed in Eastern Medicine) balance the immune system against problems like cancer and diabetes (the mushrooms have a hypoglycemic effect).

If you’re looking for more to get you through this very bad flu season, think outside of the cheap grocery store aisle vitamin C capsules that have poorly absorbable Vitamin C (if any). Try a supplement derived from real food. Maitake Beta Glucan Extract may be just the thing to get you through it!

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