Help Grow Strong Bones with Quality Calcium

July 5, 2018

One of the most recommended nutrients to get more of is calcium—and you’d think that would be easy. It’s added to lots of foods (“fortified foods”) and is the basis of most supplements. But those aren’t a good source of calcium, and here’s why: nutrients come in different forms, some of which are easy for your body to absorb and use, and some of which are just passing through with your other waste. Independent testing has found that regardless of the claims of multivitamin labels, the brands you can buy in store are often mostly, or even only, calcium—and guess which type of calcium they are using? The cheap kind your body barely absorbs (and is derived from chalk).

So how do you get enough calcium? If you’re active, if you’re aging (we all are), if you’ve got digestive issues like allergies, IBD, or IBS and need more nutrients that what you get from food—how are you going to get enough calcium? Look for a high quality supplement like Cal Mag Complete. Cal Mag Complete is manufactured to higher standards. You can check the form the nutrients are in on the label, and see for yourself that they’re the more highly available form—including calcium derived from coral, which is easier to digest and use. With every capsule, you’re getting more nutrients, and not just because there are no fillers, preservatives, or additives, but because your body can use more of what’s there!

Don’t just trust the label—look at the capsules and compare. You can see the difference from other supplements (especially with other Welltrients brand supplements, which have greener herbs and other visual signs off ingredient diversity and freshness).

Make sure you’re supporting strong, healthy bones and helping to prevent osteoporosis and brittleness by getting enough calcium now. It’s never too late beef up your bones with the building blocks they need from Cal Mag Complete.

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