Here’s Why Humans Spent Thousands of Years Drinking Tea

November 19, 2019

While a cup of tea won’t cost you too much today, historically, it’s quite valuable, and not just because it was hard to come by: a lot of history has been written so people could have their cup of tea. Tea has been an important part not just of the diet, but of the daily ritual in Asia for thousands of years. The popularity of tea has spread the world over and continues through today… and there’s a reason. Drinking teas like Organic Jiaogulan is good for your brain, body, and more.

Research confirms: drinking tea is good for your brain. Different parts of tea, like flavonoids,  have been studied and found to be beneficial. And cultures that have been drinking teas for thousands of years know that it has multiple benefits. But what’s interesting about the new study is that it confirms what’s often true of most plants: they’re far more effective in their plant form than with their different parts taken separately (as the pharmaceutical industry likes).

If you feel better drinking tea, more motivated, organized, or with better energy, research has your back. The study concluded it had “provided the first compelling evidence that tea drinking positively contributes to brain structure making network organization more efficient.”

The traditional beliefs around Jiaogulan tea are that it’s good for the body (in addition to the ways that tea is thought to be good for the mind). Jiaogulan is associated with long and healthy lives (and probably supports heart health), it’s used to support the digestive tract (and ulcers specifically), and may help the body balance itself against diabetes and other ailments.

If drinking tea isn’t a part of your routine, pick up some Jiaogulan and get started reaping the benefits. Because Jiaogulan is caffeine-free, you don’t need to interfere with your morning coffee habit, you can pick up a cup or two of Jiaogulan tea in the afternoon or evening for a calming and revitalizing break.

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