How to Relieve Sinus Pressure and Other Sinus Infection Symptoms

September 9, 2019

Cold season has begun and an earlier flu season is predicted. That means more sinus infection symptoms: pain, congestion, runny nose, fatigue, sinus pressure, and more. The best way to relieve them isn’t a pill, it’s manually. No, not by blowing and damaging your sinuses. It’s time to again become familiar with using a Sinus Flooding Kit

Sinus flooding is gentler than blowing and more thorough than rinsing with a neti pot, and it’s a better way to relieve sinus pressure. You actually hold colloidal silver in your sinus cavity, supporting it against infection and loosening up the thickest gunk.

Here’s how to do it: pick a comfy place like your bed. Grab a few tissues and put a towel on the floor—you’re going to hang your head upside down over the towel. Using the sinus bulb in the sinus flooding kit, load your sinuses up one nostril at a time with a mixture of colloidal silver and xylitol, then just hang out. Everyone has a different size sinus, so you know you’ve put enough in when you can taste it in your throat.

As you sit, your nose might bubble as mucus loosens. Perfectly normal! After a few minutes you’ll carefully roll over (trying to not tilt your head) so that the colloidal silver can reach and sit in the front of your sinus cavity, too. A few more minutes and you’re done, use the towel and tissues to drain your sinuses. Then, do the whole thing again in 45 minutes. The first flood will tackle a lot of the mucus, sinus pressure, and pain, but the second helps the results last longer. With mucus cleared out of the way, immune supporting colloidal silver can really help your body fight sinus infection symptoms and to relieve sinus pressure.

Don’t wait for sinus infection symptoms to hit. Protect your sleep, work better, and be comfortable with help from a Sinus Flooding Kit

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