Is Colloidal Silver Safe for Cats?

August 7, 2020

Whether you’re looking to finally find a way to support your cat’s health (one that’s safe, natural, and more affordable), or have experienced the benefits of colloidal silver yourself and want to share with your pets—you may be wondering, is colloidal silver safe for cats?

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Many people give colloidal silver to their pets in order to support pet health, because even indoor pets can get sick! Both dogs and cats can be given colloidal silver to help support their immune system, and there are lots of reasons and ways they may benefit!

Colloidal Silver is an Immune Supporting Supplement for Humans

Before you answer “is colloidal silver safe for cats?” and give colloidal silver to cats and dogs, be sure you know what it’s all about!

Silver has been used for centuries to support the immune system, help wounds heal better/faster, and for a long list of other things. Colloidal silver is a simple (just nanosilver and water) dietary supplement that can be safely used in many ways.

People take colloidal silver for daily immune support, use it to support skin, eyes, lungs, sinuses, and more, and yes—give it to their pets. 

Is Colloidal Silver Safe for Cats?

Generally, yes! Cats and dogs, like humans, can get immune support from colloidal silver. But, they are much smaller, and likewise need much less (generally).

Not only is colloidal silver safe for cats and dogs, lots of people have reported using it and liked the results—from helping rescues heal from mange and other skin issues, to clearing up the sinus infections that can cause breathing troubles in some pets.

All it takes is a drop or two in their water bowl to support pets’ immune systems with colloidal silver.

How People Use Colloidal Silver for Cats

While outdoor cats are exposed to more than indoor cats (there are a couple cat-to-cat diseases as well as mosquito and tick borne illnesses), indoor cats can get sick too. Sometimes people have multiple cats in one home with different disease/infection statuses and are looking for ways to help support the healthy cats (so they stay that way!). The most common way to use colloidal silver with cats is to just add a drop or two to their water bowl.

Is colloidal silver safe for cats’ skin and sinuses? Yes! Sometimes rescue cats come with skin or congestion issues, and congestion issues in particular can be hard to clear up. Just like humans can support their sinus health with colloidal silver, we’ve heard of people doing the same for their cats! As an eye drop, skin spray, or other direct ways, colloidal silver is safe for cats.

Why People Use Colloidal Silver for Cats

Some vets will even direct you to colloidal silver for cats and dogs. While vets can help with many major health issues, sometimes pets need ongoing, gentle support. Other times they need additional support, like colloidal silver.

Is colloidal silver safe for cats on other medications? It should be. Colloidal silver has no known interactions with medicines or other supplements. Just make sure you’re using true, pure colloidal silver.

Traveling, taking pets on hikes, or even just having a backyard with nature nearby (tall grass or open fields, still water ponds and more) are all sources of illness for cats, who can potentially get sick from other cats and creatures. It’s hard for cats to tell us when they start feeling sick, so it’s usually when things are getting bad that humans finally notice symptoms. For all these reasons and more, people choose to support their cats with colloidal silver.

Is Colloidal Silver Safe for Cats AND Dogs?

Not only is colloidal silver safe for cats, dogs can get immune support, too! Lyme disease, respiratory diseases, and more can impact our dogs health. Dogs can pick up a tick or mosquito bite without leaving your property!

A few drops in their water can help support their immune system on a daily basis. You can also use colloidal silver to support cats and dogs in a more occasional, bigger, “boost” sort of way depending on lifestyle and temperament.

If you already have colloidal silver, it only takes a few drops to share with your pets. If not, one bottle goes a long way toward supporting dog and cat health.

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