Is It Safe to Take Colloidal Silver Everyday?

April 9, 2020

When it comes to issues of health and wellness, the internet is full of everything from traditional ideas, to newer tips, to crazy ideas—and everywhere you look there are some very strong opinions. How do you sort through your burning questions, like “Is it safe to take colloidal silver everyday?”.

Luckily, studies are also available online! From Honk Kong to India, and even in America, studies on nano silver (the type of silver suspended in water that makes true colloidal silver) shows it IS safe! Take colloidal silver everyday or only as needed, but rest assured that all available evidence points to its safety!

What is Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal silver is silver nanoparticles suspended in pure water—just two ingredients. Real colloidal silver will reflect color—true colloids are not clear (ionic silver is clear).

While colloidal silver is simply explained, making it is not so simple. You can’t get the same results with all equipment, or with home setups. So while it is safe to take colloidal silver everyday—TRUE colloidal silver—beware things that are low-quality.

What Does Colloidal Silver Do?

Colloidal silver has been used for hundreds of years to keep food fresh, support the immune system, help heal wounds, and to prevent infection (before antibiotics one of its big uses was preventing infection/blindness in newborn eyes). It’s still used that way today—and not just at home! Hospitals use nano silver on catheters, coat walls, drapes, and equipment with nano silver to slow infection, and many companies have experimented with products that are either coated in nano silver (sports gear and clothes, diaper bags, even food containers) or release nano silver with use (washing machines).

Colloidal silver kills most germs (from bacteria, to viruses, to fungi and even some amoebas). There are lots of separate studies looking at silver’s safety, and others looking at how it kills specific pathogens. There are no comprehensive studies (ie. clinical trials).

Still, you can easily draw your own conclusions about whether it is safe to take colloidal silver everyday.

Is It Safe to Take Colloidal Silver Everyday?

Anecdotally, many people do take colloidal silver everyday, and for them, it is safe to take colloidal silver everyday—they even report it’s beneficial.

True colloidal silver, not ionic, is being used all over right now, by all types of people. And there’s lots of good things being said about it, and almost no horror stories (the few that you’ll see involve homemade “colloidal” silver, which was never tested for safety, contamination, etc.).

Do your research on quality colloidal silver and like others, you’ll find that it is safe to take colloidal silver everyday.

Who Takes Colloidal Silver Everyday?

All kinds of people find it is safe to take colloidal silver everyday! 

Most people taking colloidal silver are doing it to support their immune systems—either because of environmental concerns (they work with the public), or known concerns about themselves (they have a weakened immune system because of age, weight, or any sort of ongoing health condition).

While many people take colloidal silver everyday, others take colloidal silver only as needed, or use it in other ways, like adding a little to their neti pot, doing a sinus rinse, or using it in their nebulizers (it is also safe to take colloidal silver everyday in these ways).

Should You Take Colloidal Silver Everyday?

Only you can decide if taking colloidal silver everyday is right for you.While it is safe to take colloidal silver everyday, does that mean you should?

This year we’ve learned that most people have some sort of health condition that weakens their immune system (or possibly, are taking medication for a condition and it’s the medication messing with their immune system but it’s worth it). Given that, odds are you may benefit from immune supporting colloidal silver.

(Is it safe to take colloidal silver everyday with other supplements, etc.?: There are no reports of colloidal silver interacting with medications, although a small number of people have silver allergies.

Benefits of Taking Colloidal Silver Everyday

As an immune support supplement, people who take colloidal silver everyday feel that they can tell their immune system is being supported, and when they can’t or forget to take colloidal silver everyday they notice the difference.

People with more health concerns and people with minor health concerns are likely to have different experiences—but the idea is that it’s an extra layer of support for the unexpected.

When It ISN’T Safe to Take Colloidal Silver Everyday

The only times the answer to “is it safe to take colloidal silver everyday” is “no” is in the small chance of having a silver allergy (usually detected with silver jewelry), or when something calling itself colloidal silver isn’t. 

Ionic silver and other silver products are not as safe as true colloidal silver!

Always stick with true colloidal silver.

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