Keep a Calming Cup Ready

May 18, 2017

There are lots of cultures built around tea, and they offer some wonderful tea habits to stick into our own day. Tea, especially something healthy like our caffeine-free Jiaoguolan, can be a healthy addition to your day in and of itself, or it can be a substitute for coffee if you’re trying to cut caffeine.

Why cut caffeine? As a staple, it doesn’t get the credit it deserves for how it can create subtle disruptions in our lives. A daily coffee/caffeine boost can take over our circadian rhythms and contribute to insomnia and restless leg syndrome, stress, migraines, and more. Enjoy coffee occasionally, but consider switching to Jiaogulan or another tea for your morning cup or afternoon boost. It doesn’t jump you up like caffeine, but the warmth and break can refocus and reboot your day. It’s a soothing start rather than a jolt.

That soothing warmth is why a “cuppa” is a thing. A cup of tea does well to balance all sorts of emotional moments, which is why it’s the first thing pulled out for celebrations, emergencies, and sad moments where tea is king. While cultural ritual has a large part in the grounding effect, there’s an original reason it was built around tea. Healthier teas like Jiaogulan add their own benefits, too.

Jiaogulan is an herbal tea grown in SouthEast Asia where it’s known as the “tea of life” and associated with longevity and heart health. Traditionally, it’s used for ailments like ulcers. You can add a cup of Jiaogulan to your day for the health benefits, or build it in as a soothing ritual. (And don’t forget to pour a cup when you’re feeling ill).

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