Make a Healthy Change This Year

January 3, 2020

When you’re ready to improve your health, where do you begin? There’s so many things you should do and shouldn’t do—and too many changes at once can be overwhelming. Here’s something to get you started: replace a less-healthy beverage with a healthy one, like our Organic Jiaogulan tea.

Jiaogulan tea is caffeine free. Where Jiaogulan tea is traditionally drunk in SouthEast Asia it’s known as the “tea of life” because of its believed medicinal properties including aiding digestion, soothing ulcers, supporting heart health, and contributing to longevity. 

Here’s how you can use Jiaogulan tea to have a healthier year and meet other health goals:

When you make time to pour a cup of tea, especially a healthy one like Jiaogulan, you’re making time to rest your mind, too. The ritual of preparing food is important to humans, and that includes a cup of tea. Center yourself, take a break, and relax with a cup of Jiaogulan tea.

If that organic, caffeine tea ritual replaces something else—a soda or other afternoon sugar bump, caffeine too late in the day, or going without a break—then you’ve eliminated an unhealthy habit while simultaneously building up a healthy one.

Jiaogulan tea has a rich, earthy flavor that’s even better on the second brew. If you’re trying to adapt your tastebuds to a new diet, it’s a great way to help introduce them to flavors that don’t come in a wrapper.

Modern western research agrees that there are likely health benefits to Jiaogulan tea. Take your first step to wellness with a cup of Jiaogulan tea today.

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