Get Enough Minerals And Vitamins With Welltrient One

May 31, 2011

Minerals and Vitamins

Welltrient One Vita One

There are numerous reasons are diet may lack minerals and vitamins, ranging from health issues that affect absorption to difficulty achieving a balanced and varied diet on a daily basis. Fortunately, a multivitamin like Welltrient One Vita One covers most of our basic dietary needs.

Why Welltrient One?

Although most doctors recommend their patients take a multivitamin, it is an unfortunate truth that many vitamin and mineral supplements on the market contain cheap versions of nutrients covered with filler, offering little or no nutritional value for the money spent.

Welltrient One, part of the Welltrient line of supplements, is designed with easily absorbed versions of over 50 important nutrients, in a form that is ready for your body to use. Digestive enzymes are even added to Welltrient One to ensure absorption!

Many nutrients require cofactors for absorption and to work optimally in the body (like Vitamin D and Calcium!), Welltrient One (as well as the entire Welltrient line) is designed with these cofactors in mind, so that the body can fully use each ingredient. With these cofactors present, nutrients from food may also be better absorped.

Antioxidants, B Vitamins, trace minerals, and Vitamin C are among the 50 plus ingredients in Welltrient One. As with all our products, there are no fillers or preservatives, just healthy nutrients!

Have you tried Welltrient One? What do you think?


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