Sip a Cup of Heart Supporting Tea

March 28, 2019

Tea has so many perfect moments: when you’re sick, when you need a mental break, when you’re switching gears in the afternoon, when you’re winding down for bed… In addition to the emotional, cultural, calming moment a cup of tea provides, use those moments to support your cardiovascular health and more with Jiaogulan tea.

A good way to get healthy is to make one change at a time. Even easier if that change is an addition, like adding a cup of tea to your afternoon or evening routine. Sweeping lifestyle changes are hard to make and even harder to maintain, but one step at a timr you can make healthier choices that support your mind and body.

Why Jiaogulan? Jiaogulan tea is an organic tea grown in Southeast Asia, where it’s known as the tea of life. Between Jiaogulan’s traditional uses and modern research, it’s got a long list of possible benefits: gastrointestinal health support (aiding digestion and easing ulcers), supporting cardiovascular health, diabetes, and a correlation with longevity.

Jiaogulan tea is caffeine free, so you can add it anywhere in your day without messing up your sleep or overdoing it with caffeine and giving yourself jitters. Adding it to your day means that overtime, you might naturally drop an unhealthy habit in favor of this new healthy one (for example, maybe it ends up replacing an after dose of sugar, or improving your sleep hygiene and helping you wind down before bed).

Jiaogulan tea is an organic herbal tea. Delicate, the water you use shouldn’t quite be at a full boil. It’s falvorful and delicious for about three brews (many people even prefer the flavor profile of the second and third brews). The first brew will give you an earthy, rich flavor that pairs well with honey or lemon (perfect if you’re feeling sick).

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