Summer Respiratory Care

May 2, 2019

When flu season finally ends, it won’t mean the end of taking care of your respiratory system! Whether you’re active this summer traveling, swimming, and exploring or passive (and still getting pollen, occasional bites, and exposure to pollution–indoor and out) stay on top of keeping your nose and sinuses clear, and getting extra lung support when you need it. Colloidal Silver can be used to support your respiratory system in many ways, and will continue to be a useful tool through the summer.

Colloidal silver is an immune supporting supplement. It’s been used for centuries to help support the immune system, and fell out of favor only because antibiotics (initially, at least) were a cheaper. Colloidal silver also has a history of use as direct support helping skin heal and more. It continues to be used both by those wanting to support themselves at home, and in medical settings as studies validate it bit by bit.

Today, you’ll find colloidal silver in some medications, creams, burn bandages, catheters, and hospital rooms. But often, it’s in a cheaper form—ionized silver or a silver compound. And even so, it’s more expensive than it needs to be!

When using colloidal silver at home, you can get the best—pure colloidal silver (not ionic), a high concentration of particles, and a smaller particle size with MesoSilver colloidal silver.

Use colloidal silver as a daily supplement to support your immune system, add a little to your neti pot, your nebulizer, or flood your sinuses with it.

“It’s just allergies” until that congestion breeds bacteria, or worse, a fungus. Stay on top of respiratory care with immune support, and keeping your sinuses clear. Make sure to take advantage of colloidal silver this summer.

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