Traveling? Read This Before You Leave!

May 8, 2015

Beach Couple WeddingIf you’re having exotic adventures this summer, be sure to do a couple of things for your health before you leave:

-Read up on local diseases
-See your doctor for important vaccines (which may require a few months before you leave!)
-Locate the nearest hospital at your destination
-Keep your immune system strong!

Seem like a lot? Not when you consider the consequences of chancing it. For instance, a new warning has come out about antibiotic-resistant typhoid: presume it’s the dominant strain anywhere you’d find typhoid (tropical places like Fiji, Africa, Asia, etc.).

The typhoid vaccine can prevent an illness that antibiotics can’t treat, but in countries with typhoid, the emphasis has been on treatment over prevention, leading to growing antibiotic resistance.

Typhoid isn’t considered a danger to America. In theory, a typhoid Mary could bring it here and cause a small outbreak—it generally spreads when a sick person handles food/water/etc. for others. Although most of your food-handlers don’t get sick days, they also aren’t likely traveling to exotic locals, and in general (but not 100%) America has better food-handling practices than elsewhere. Still, antibiotic resistance is a global problem, regardless of where the problem of the day is.

Besides typhoid, there are a number of other tropical diseases that are becoming a growing problem, like Chikungunya, yellow fever, and others. Preparation is critical before (and after, when you should monitor your temperature and keep doctors informed of your travel history) a vacation!

A strong immune system is great for every step of the way, before, during, and after a trip (especially because jet lag can impact your immune system!). In addition to taking care of yourself, add support with colloidal silver!

Do you have exciting travel plans this summer?

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