Weight Loss Problems Due To A Hunger Gene?

March 22, 2012

Having an endless appetite or uncontrollable hunger may not be mental, it may be genetic. A single gene appears to be responsible for the brain not getting the right “full” signals from the body, leading to obesity.

This could lead to any numerous future treatments that could help with weight loss, from gene therapy to supplementing the right signals at the start of every meal.

Of course, it could have a negative effect too; overweight people without the gene might see it as a shortcut for weight loss, another variety of hunger cutting weight loss pills. There are already safer ways to cut hunger, like drinking a protein shake that’s also high in fiber.

These days, genetic testing runs as low as $100, although whether or not the new research is reflected in their results probably varies depending on company. Even without it, mindfully following a healthy diet and exercise plan, especially with advice and supervisioon from a health care practitioner can help most people with weight loss.

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