West NIle Virus Symptoms

August 13, 2012

West Nile virus is everywhere this year—an abundance of mosquitoes due to a mild winter has the virus showing up in several states. In fact, 9 have already died and hundreds are known to be infected.

Most people don’t show West Nile virus symptoms, or if they do, they aren’t identified as such. A mosquitoes bite (red itchy bump) followed by a fever should be monitored in case it’s possibly a sign of more West Nile virus symptoms to come. Others may have a range of problems that aren’t identified as West Nile virus symptoms for years.

Does it matter if you can’t recognize West Nile virus symptoms? The disease infects the brain, causing inflammation and other damage. But there’s no straight cure, and as the video above states, most docors push for prevention rather than treatment later.

At best, West Nile virus symptoms can only be managed. Avoid areas where there are lots of mosquitoes (anywhere with still water, particularly at dawn and dusk), use citronella candles when you are outside as well as long sleeve clothes and pants, and keep your immune system strong so your body can defend itself. Most people who are infected with West Nile virus never show symptoms—likely due to a stronger immune system.

Is your local county taking steps against mosquito populations and the spread of West Nile virus? Share below!

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