What is the Best Time of Day to Take Colloidal Silver?

August 20, 2020

When you’re supporting your health, with supplements, medicine, or even sleeping and exercise, there’s often a right time of day to do things. Part of this has to do with our circadian rhythm, which regulates our metabolism, energy levels, mood, and more. Part of it has to do with how certain things affect our bodies—is it too stimulating? Does it require food, or no food in your stomach?

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Today we’re looking at the immune supporting supplement colloidal silver, and (if there is one), what is the best time of day to take colloidal silver?

Choose the Right Time of Day to Take Colloidal Silver

Fortunately, colloidal silver is a versatile supplement. Not only are there many ways to take and use the supplement, but there are many times of day you could choose from.

While ultimately the answer to “what is the best time of day to take colloidal silver?” is any time of day, everyone is different and there might be a right time of day for you.

How Much Is the Right Amount of Colloidal Silver?

Start by considering how much colloidal silver you’re going to take. Most people take a little each day.

What is the best time of day to take colloidal silver if you’re taking the average amount? There’s no harm done if you take colloidal silver with or without food. That said, you’ll logically get better absorption on an empty stomach—for that reason, many people take colloidal silver on an empty stomach, usually when they wake up in the morning.

Now, if you’re taking more than the average amount—you’re a larger person, or you’re supporting ongoing health issues—you may want to take half of the amount you decide in the morning, and the other half later in the day to spread it out.

Looking at Lifestyle Habits When Taking Colloidal Silver

Are you a big breakfast person, or a big dinner person? A morning person or a night person? Are there days you’re feeling off?

If you’ve been tracking your moods, energy levels, or have noticed a cyclical pattern to your health, you may have found a good time to make sure you take colloidal silver. Maybe the question for you isn’t “what is the best time of day to take colloidal silver?”, but what days will I need more support?

Another lifestyle consideration is travel. Even in the best circumstances travel is hard on the body—it disrupts our routine, and as much as we may enjoy being exposed to new things it can be a little too exciting for our immune systems.

Travel is another event to plan taking colloidal silver around. Are you the sort of person who needs support to start leading up to the big event? Who will need it as soon as you arrive? Or are you more the sort that needs extra immune system support after traveling, when you finally let out all the stress travel can cause?

Looking at factors like this can help you decide what is the best time of day to take colloidal silver for you.

Do You Need a Boost of Colloidal Silver?

Some people take a little more colloidal silver if they think there’s a need. Maybe they ate something funny, or they feel off—in this case, the answer to what time of day is the best to take colloidal silver is anytime at all, although if it’s a planned boost, consider spreading it out a little (just like people who normally take a bigger dose, mentioned above).

Nebulizing, Sinus Floods, and More

One thing you don’t necessarily have to consider is what is the best time of day to take colloidal silver if you’re also nebulizing, performing a sinus flood, or using colloidal silver in other ways (like as skin support). While you may want to spread out using colloidal silver (even skin will absorb it), there’s no harm to doing things however it works out for you.

There’s No One Way—Use Colloidal Silver to Meet YOUR Health Goals

Only you know you best, and colloidal silver is very easy to use however you want, so take advantage! With colloidal silver, you can build the health support you need for your lifestyle, health goals, and more.

Make Sure You Have Enough Colloidal Silver

Once you figure out “what is the best time of day to take colloidal silver?”, make sure you have enough colloidal silver to meet your needs. Take advantage of multipack savings and plan out your next month with immune support from colloidal silver.

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