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We all get aches and pains. For some they can be treated as simply as resting, soaking in hot water, or applying some hot/cold relief. For others, it can be harder to keep under control—especially if it’s chronic. Age, an active lifestyle, or changing weather that activates old injuries can really cause discomfort or all […]


According to a global study, moving around more throughout the day is more effective at supporting good health than just going to the gym. The more active you can be throughout your day, the better your heart health (as well as pretty much everything else, since exercise impacts your body from your brain to your […]

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Cold weather is the start of a more intense season of illness for a reason, as well as some minor inconveniences from the accompanying drop in humidity (or at least they start that way). Stay active against the change in weather, and get a start on a healthy fall and winter. Start by running a […]

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From a long summer full of runs, hikes, swims, and ball games, to a sudden drop in temperature as fall comes in, this time of year your back may creak, your joints may ache, and a general feeling of wear and tear might take over. It can impact your sleep, your mood, your work, and […]

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Jump Into Spring

February 23, 2017

A few warm days and many are ready to be more active. Getting outside into some warm weather is more than just an opportunity for exercise, it’s an opportunity to help clear out some of the cold and flu that’s going around, boost vitamin D levels (helping your immune system), and help improve mood. Ready […]

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