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Ebola Starting A New Year

February 5, 2015

Optimism for the epidemic in west Africa is declining this week as ebola gets a sudden surge in identified cases. Why the sudden surge after weeks of decline? It’s the same problems that healthcare workers have been fighting against this whole time: many are still clinging to traditional burial practices, which involve touching the body […]

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If you’ve been following news on the Ebola outbreak, you’ve probably heard about how locals went and “freed” the quarantined Ebola patients, which will probably lead to a new explosion of cases. If you haven’t been following, you should know it isn’t a pretty picture. There aren’t enough resources to really keep a tight quarantine. […]

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Hundreds more have come down with Ebola, and the disease is beginning to leapfrog to other countries as businessmen carry it home via airplane. Nigeria, Africa’s most populated country, now has a small but growing number of cases, and there may be one in Saudi Arabia (who doesn’t seem to have learned anything from MERS—they […]

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