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So many things can mess with your digestion… disease, diet, or aging (which comes for us all). Most of us don’t consider food or eat passed our lips, but digestion is a big deal. Poor digestion can be uncomfortable, it can interfere with sleep. Over time, it can impact health as your body struggles to […]


It used to be more common to hear that you need less sleep as you age, but more people are hearing the truth: that 7-9 hours of sleep should stay consistent for your whole life (within that range depends on genetics). When you’re sick, you need more sleep, and that’s ok. You should always try […]

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Treat Your Skin

January 3, 2017

If the spirit of the New Year has you making improvements, make sure to treat your skin. Our skin has more factors than we typically think about working on it—skin plays a role in our health, keeping pathogens out, taking environmental damage (from sun, dryness, and pollution), and supporting microbial colonies that support and protect […]

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Limbs, Back, and Neck, Oh My

December 14, 2016

Aches can come from all sorts of places. Sleeping funny, an exercising mishap, a fall in slippery weather, an accident, or just plain old age can trigger body pains. Once they’re there, easing the pain becomes its own set of problems. Going easy on an injury is step one. Heat and cold can help, and […]

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You may not be able to go back to the perfect skin of glowing youth, but you can give your skin extra support and help keep it smooth, firm, and healthy looking. One of the problems our skin faces with age stems from a common source of age-related health problems: poor digestion. Your skin really […]

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