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A Super Boost from Mushrooms

November 21, 2017

Mushrooms are a wonderful superfood. With a nice savory taste that goes well in lots of dishes, there may also be lots of health benefits to eating them regularly. While other cultures have suspected as much and incorporated them into everyday dishes, mushrooms aren’t as celebrated as they could be here, and certainly aren’t eaten […]


Research is well and truly flowing about those good (and sometimes bad) bacteria living in our gut, on our skin, and in other reservoirs, because almost everything tally’s up to it having a huge impact on pretty much every aspect of our health, and even parts of our personality. The latest: your gut bacteria may […]

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As researchers dive into the rich and complex world of gut bacteria, they’re digging up interesting (but maybe not surprising) results. Like: the secret of aging might be in your stomach. People who are healthy in their 90s have similar bacteria colonies to people in their 30s. While some people are lucky enough to inherit […]

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Australia has produced another study on the benefits of red wine, and how it helps reduce the risk of heart disease when consumed in moderation. There are lots of studies on how a little bit of red wine regularly can be helpful, but there are also lots of drawbacks, from the consequences alcohol can bring, […]

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Taking care of your skin (staying hydrated, avoiding the sun, and giving it extra support) has become trendy, and the personal care aisle is now flooded with dozens of gimmicks angling to help facial skin stay and look healthy. But the real trick? It’s faster, simpler, and more direct. Anti-Aging Skin Regenerator combines humic and […]

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