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Supporting the Liver Daily

October 3, 2016

Headlines are pretty bleak about a lot of everyday things we take for granted: the WHO says that almost everyone’s air is substandard; a new and more thorough study found that household dust is full of chemicals (it’s leaking off your furniture, your floor, paint, plastic toys/goods and more, then getting trapped); then, there’s all […]

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Think summer problems are all sunburn, dehydration, and picnics gone wrong? Don’t get hurt by these surprisingly common summer injuries: -Lawn injuries. Mowing, trimming, and even just going barefoot can lead to an ER visit. So much so, that it’s recommended you skip the DIY route and hire professionals. Why? Common injuries from mowing the […]

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Taking Care of You Liver

April 26, 2016

Your liver is a really hard working organ with HUNDREDS of functions. There’s a reason that, even though not ideal, we can do dialysis when our kidneys start to fail, but that we’re in big trouble when our livers go (although in some ways it’s sturdier). Your liver needs extra support! Alcohol, over-the-counter medications, even […]

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Questions About Hep C?

June 26, 2015

You may have seen Hep C advertisements around the web, targeting Baby Boomers. Why? It’s recommended that all Baby Boomers get tested for Hep C. They, as a generation, were at just the wrong time for medicine and disease spread. Stories of reusing needles to give vaccines, for instance, are common. The practices that prevent […]

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Holiday parties can be fun, ugly sweater parties that produce great pictures and great memories. They can be average. Or they can be so bad that dozens of people fall ill and you make national headlines! (And it could even be worse than that: thanks to Ebola, holiday parties have been banned in Sierra Leone […]

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