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How do you get sick during the summer? Travel is one way. Even though it’s not cold and flu season, getting on a plane still gives about a 1 in 4 risk of coming down with a respiratory illness the week after. Food Poisoning is another way. Whether you’re at a neighborhood picnic or trying […]


Swimming, traveling, or just fighting allergies, ear infections crop up more during summer months. With a pain that’s hard to ignore, war infections may be small but can still knock you out. One way to help prevent ear infections and other ailments this summer is with the general immune support of colloidal silver. Then, take […]

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The immune system keeps working hard through summer, so keep giving it support with colloidal silver. Allergies, cuts and scrapes, sunburns, and a risk of food poisoning are all part of what you will likely be exposed to during spring and summer months, leading to potential other problems.

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Fending Off Allergies

April 4, 2018

Almost everyone experiences some degree of allergies. It’s not just a reaction to pollen, ragweed, and fresh cut grass, after all, it can be a reaction to road pollution, fires burning nearby, or other environmental toxins that spread easily during hot summer months. Here are some ways to cut back on your allergy exposure, and […]

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Thankfully, cold and flu look like they’re on their way out, but don’t put your sinus flooding kit away yet. Use it to stay on top of spring allergies and sinus infections.

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