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Amino Acids

Support Your Unique Diet

August 9, 2018

These days, everyone is more aware of how food impacts their body, whether a certain food group causes mild discomfort, bloating, weight gain, or full-blown life-pausing gastrointestinal distress. Whether you’re lactose free, soy free, or vegan, get some extra protein support from Vegan Protein Complete. Get a complete source of protein into your daily diet. […]

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One Power Packed Pill

January 12, 2016

We’ve said it several times: spirulina is a superfood. It’s a great daily multivitamin, especially if you’re looking for a natural/plant source of iron. What makes it so special? A lot of foods have been spotlighted as superfoods over the last few years. But spirulina isn’t just the latest hot trend—even astronauts have used it […]

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Have you read about spirulina yet? It’s a superfood with a long list of vitamins and minerals, all ready to support your diet—whether it’s specially modified, needs a boost as you age, or run of the mill American (with the occasional processed meal, missing vegetable, or lopsided meat preference). What is Spirulina? It’s a plant […]

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Staying active? Whether you’re hiking, swimming, running, or just getting out a lot, make sure you’re supporting your body, especially your heart and muscles! Before heading out, give your muscles a stretch. It’s great if you can do yoga regularly, but okay if you just want to look up a quick routine tailored to your […]

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Boost Your Diet

July 23, 2015

For vegans, a lot of the protein supplements they take might be more calories than they need—whether they’re adding it to a smoothie, or to their plate. (If they’re adding it to a plate, it might not be so tasty, either). But you can easily boost your diet with a single supplement, too. Blu-Lina Organic […]

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