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Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

Last year, specialists declared the turning point (for the worse) in our battle against antibiotic resistant bacteria. It was predicted 5 years before that, but preventative changes were too little, too late. Fortunately, you can still make changes to protect yourself, like supporting your immune system with colloidal silver.

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Tobacco smoke increases the virulence of MRSA and other antibiotic resistant bacteria while simultaneously hindering the body’s ability to fight them. E-Cigarette vapor has this effect, but not as strongly as regular cigarette smoke. So, it’s better, but still not good. Any cells regularly exposed to tobacco smoke are at an increased risk for MRSA […]

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Supermarket Superbugs

April 17, 2013

Scarily, the amount of antibiotic resistant bacteria in meat (turkey, pork, and beef), especially when ground, is rising. New reports have found that about anywhere from 10-50% of meat is contaminated depending on which strain of bacteria you look at. Why? Most likely it has to do with the overuse of antibiotics in ranching. Beyond […]

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