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Preventing MRSA

March 11, 2019

In our national fight against MRSA, we’ve hit a plateau. The CDC has a recommendation of following a strict regimen for preventing staph infections in hospitals, nursing homes, and other care centers; it’s worked, but since 2013 we haven’t kept that momentum going. MRSA can get serious quickly, so here’s some info as well as […]


As study after study links the composition of our gut microbiome to our health, mind, and more, hospitals and the CDC have discovered something concerning: C. diff is becoming increasingly common. Related to tetanus and botulism, C. diff is harder to prevent and treat (although sanitation helps). Traditionally, it’s thought of as an infection required […]

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A new study has found that prescribing antibiotics for a cough may do more harm than good. Antibiotics don’t speed recovery from a cough. Coughs clear up in a couple of weeks and can be soothed with natural support, like the traditional hot cup of water or tea with honey (and lemon or ginger may […]

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They’re faster, often cheaper, and largely more convenient: urgent care centers are cropping up all over the US. But beware: new research has uncovered that urgent care centers prescribe antibiotics at almost twice the rate of ERs and almost three times the rate of your average office doctor. The extra prescriptions are of course going […]

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We know quite well the sort of effects changes in gut bacteria can have on digestion, and scientists have been exploring ways it may impact weight, depression, and other organs. Here’s another for the list: the sort of bacteria we cultivate may increase or decrease our risk of developing kidney stones. With the weather warming […]

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