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Research is pursuing Resveratrol as a possible means to fight aging. While lots of good things are already known about Resveratrol, like it helps prevent free radical damage, is already linked to longevity, weight loss, and diabetes support, this new research is showing a lot more of what Resveratrol may be capable of. According to […]


Study after study finds that curcumin, one of the main compounds in the spice turmeric, is good for our health. A new study adds to that pile of research with evidence that curcumin is good for our brains, improving mood and memory. A powerful antioxidant, curcumin seems to help by battling inflammation all over the […]

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Spice Up Your Holidays

November 23, 2017

Here’s something that has a long list of studies supporting its potential health benefits: turmeric. A good source of the antioxidant curcumin, this superfood may help with a whole range of health problems, even offering a health boost to otherwise healthy people. One of the most studied benefits of curcumin is to support joint health. […]

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We eat to feed our hunger. And sometimes, we eat for comfort, for fun, or for tradition. But how often do we think “I should eat this, my brain will like it”? Not often! We may get some greens onto our sandwich or into a shake, but there’s another potent way to support your brain […]

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Australia has produced another study on the benefits of red wine, and how it helps reduce the risk of heart disease when consumed in moderation. There are lots of studies on how a little bit of red wine regularly can be helpful, but there are also lots of drawbacks, from the consequences alcohol can bring, […]

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