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Shorter days naturally take a toll on mental health. Less Vitamin D, less fresh air (when it gets too cold), often less exercise, and, the old fallacy is sort of true: our moods can be tied to the weather. Don’t wait until January to make a resolution, make one right now to support your mental […]


Everyone has bad moods, gets prolonged funks, and as many as one in four will have a more serious/prolonged mental health issue at some point during their life. So, everyone can benefit from some mental health maintenance and support. Here are some basic ways that research has found help boost your mood, turn a bad […]

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Give Back to Your Dogs

August 28, 2018

Study after study has revealed that owning—or even just bonding with a pup—can improve your health. Make sure that you’re giving back to your canine companion with lots of love, regular doctor visits, and even a little daily immune support with colloidal silver. How do pets help us? Owning a dog may cut your risk […]

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Every road can be a little bit bumpy—some more than others. Don’t let the little things, or even the big roadblocks, steer you off your path. Take care of yourself and make it over the hard parts with D.S.A. MGRx. Stress, depression, and anxiety happen to everyone at one point or another. If you only […]

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Sleep is good for you. It lets your brain flush and reset itself. During sleep, your body performs routine maintenance, including cardiovascular support. Everyone needs sleep—it’s a myth that some people only need 4-6 hours (tests show they’re functioning well below average and shouldn’t even be driving!), and that we need less sleep as we […]

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