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According to the National Institute of Health, Omega-3 fatty acids from supplements may help lower high triglyceride levels, relieve symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, and relieve dry eyes. Omega-3 is known to be an important part of the diet, so make sure you get enough each day with Deep Ocean Krill Oil.


You’ve probably already read about some of the ways that probiotics influence the body outside of the skin, groin, and gut. They can determine whether you’re fat or thin, happy or depressed, and what kind of hobbies you like. Which bacteria you have can even influence which diseases you get, as is the case in […]

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Gold works to get the cells in the body going, especially nerve cells. In the brain, this leads to reports of feeling “sharper”, with more focus, clarity, and even improved mood. But those effects extend outside the brain, too. Medical researchers have focused on testing nanogold on arthritis and prostate cancer. Their research indicates that […]

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Be Prepared For CHIK-V

July 29, 2014

Chikungunya, the incredibly painful but non-lethal virus that tore through the Caribbean in only (about) 6 months, has now infected mosquitoes in Florida, and at least 2 Americans. Officials aren’t projecting a massive outbreak—but that really depends on how well people avoid mosquitoes. Entomologists aren’t as positive, and are worried that it could carry through […]

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While a couple of drinks a week is associated with about a 20% decreased risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis, if those drinks are beer, the risk is lowered even more to about a third less likely. What makes beer so special? There are probably numerous mechanisms at work, and it isn’t absolute that it’s beer […]

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