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Hep C Treatment Update

April 11, 2014

You might be aware that’s there’s a far more successful Hep C treatment coming to the market. With a 90% cure rate, (and fewer reported side-effects, so far) it’s far and away better than previous Hep C treatments. But a lot of research went into it, so despite the less than $150 cost for treatment, […]

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Naomi Judd recently wrote about her Hep C diagnosis for the SFGate. Basically, in the early 90s (during an early peak in her career) she started coming down with advanced Hep C symptoms, was diagnosed, and told she had maybe three years to live. Despite that, she went on to be declared cured of Hep […]

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As the Affordable Care Act kicks in, some areas of the country are going to have VERY long waiting lists for Hep C treatment (many already have waiting lists, especially among providers who accept government healthcare plans). This discourages many from getting tested: “It doesn’t make sense to test people and put them through that […]

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