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Antibiotic Resistance is Here

November 15, 2019

Really, we crossed the threshold for antibiotic resistance in 2017. Sure, it’s been around for decades, but we are now living in a world where it’s much more pervasive. According to the numbers, every 11 seconds an American catches an antibiotic resistant infection. There’s good news, too. C. diff (which causes diarrhea and is often […]

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Moving Beyond Antibiotics

November 13, 2019

Researchers are looking high and low for alternatives to antibiotics. Because of their overuse in agriculture and nursing homes, superbugs have risen up to create medical nightmares. From the always hard to treat tuberculosis to diseases once easily defeated by antibiotics like STIs, antibiotic resistant bacteria are a problem all over the world. One alternative […]

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It’s the new marker for what’s healthy: a study has found that getting regular Vitamin D improves the amount of healthy bacteria in the gut. It was already known that Vitamin D is essential for good health. It supports the immune system, bones, mood, and has other important roles throughout the body. Not getting enough […]

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There are plenty of studies showing various ways that coffee supports our health—keeping our mind sharp, supporting heart health, and reducing the odds for other possible diseases. Most studies find the magic amount to be four cups of coffee (serving size cups, not giant coffee shop “cups”). Is it really beneficial? What’s the secret? New […]

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PTSD Linked to Gut Bacteria

October 23, 2019

Researchers have found a strong connection in mice between gut bacteria and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). The finding isn’t surprising, a large pile of research has shown that our gut microbes impact everything from how we digest food to our weight, mood, and habits; the new research could be an avenue for treating stress. Fortunately, […]

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