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Cellulitis, literally “infected skin”, can get serious quickly. Cellulitis occurs when bacteria enters the skin (your skin is made up of layers). You can take colloidal silver for cellulitis. Our skin is home to all kinds of bacteria, and most of the time they aren’t harming us (having a variety of bacteria helps maintain balance […]

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Bacteria Filled Make-Up?

November 27, 2019

You may think of yourself as cleanly, but if you’re regularly using make-up, these common mistakes may have you rubbing bacteria, fungi, viruses and more all over your face. This can contribute to rosacea, acne, pink eye… and potentially worse, like another flu cycle or cold. Luckily, colloidal silver can help support you through make-up […]

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Halitosis is easy to diagnose—just watch people lean away from you as you talk. While bad breath has many causes, you might be surprised how many you might not realize are your fault—so here’s how to avoid accidental bad breath: Start by checking how you sleep. If you’re congested or have other nasal problems like […]

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Antibiotic Resistance is Here

November 15, 2019

Really, we crossed the threshold for antibiotic resistance in 2017. Sure, it’s been around for decades, but we are now living in a world where it’s much more pervasive. According to the numbers, every 11 seconds an American catches an antibiotic resistant infection. There’s good news, too. C. diff (which causes diarrhea and is often […]

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Moving Beyond Antibiotics

November 13, 2019

Researchers are looking high and low for alternatives to antibiotics. Because of their overuse in agriculture and nursing homes, superbugs have risen up to create medical nightmares. From the always hard to treat tuberculosis to diseases once easily defeated by antibiotics like STIs, antibiotic resistant bacteria are a problem all over the world. One alternative […]

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