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Are Your Tonsils a Problem?

January 28, 2019

Problems with tonsils aren’t just a thing when you’re a kid. “My, you’re tonsils look swollen” might be a thing you remember hearing from your pediatrician, but as an adult, you can now check your own tonsils to gauge your health, identify problems, and figure out when to see a doctor. While you’re tonsils become […]

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How to Fix Your Bad Breath

December 5, 2018

Even if you’re meticulous about your oral hygiene, bad breath happens. It doesn’t always come down to brushing and flossing, so make sure you check for other causes before assuming you’ve done enough. One common cause that goes beyond your teeth and gums? Illness and bacteria. Make sure to kill those germs and support your immune system […]

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Do people keep you at arms length—literally? Has your social calendar freed up lately? Or maybe you just want to do your best, you’re aiming for a promotion or getting ready to start a new romantic relationship. Don’t make these two common mistakes that can affect everyone! First, it’s winter. Even if you’ve dodged cold […]

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Today’s article is not for the soft stomached. But if you have ever had a tonsil stones (1 in 10 people do), or suffer from bad breath, read on for solutions. What’s this, you say? Like kidney stones? Well, sort of. Tonsil stones are mostly calcium formations that can build up in the folds of […]

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