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Vitamin D May Help IBS

January 30, 2018

Irritable bowel syndrome has become common enough that it’s often used as a punchline in pop culture for easy, gross humor. For people with IBS, it’s not a joke. It can make life hard, interrupting work and other activities, and requiring some awkward sharing that other diseases are at least free of. Irritable bowel syndrome […]

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It’s awkward talking about certain aspects of our health. You’ve probably absorbed from popular culture that as we age, we need fiber rich cereals, yogurts, and pills. Maybe you even reject your need for fiber—just because it’s stigmatized as a sign of ageing, like gray hair and certain pants styles. But it’s more important than […]

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You can buy a bandage style treatment (covers it up, doesn’t really fix it) for any gastrointestinal issue you can name. Bloating? Constipated? Stomach cramps? But you’ll just keep experiencing the same troubles again and again, unless you really attack the problem. (And you’ll keep needing higher and higher doses if you’re using them at […]

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