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Body RLF

We all get aches and pains. For some they can be treated as simply as resting, soaking in hot water, or applying some hot/cold relief. For others, it can be harder to keep under control—especially if it’s chronic. Age, an active lifestyle, or changing weather that activates old injuries can really cause discomfort or all […]


Here’s some motivation to kick you into gear on one of the most common New Year’s resolutions: scientists have found a physical path showing how exercise supports memory and helps prevent Parkinson’s. It may seem obvious since the benefits of exercise have been extolled forever, but seeing the actual physical results give scientists a new […]

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From a long summer full of runs, hikes, swims, and ball games, to a sudden drop in temperature as fall comes in, this time of year your back may creak, your joints may ache, and a general feeling of wear and tear might take over. It can impact your sleep, your mood, your work, and […]

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Limbs, Back, and Neck, Oh My

December 14, 2016

Aches can come from all sorts of places. Sleeping funny, an exercising mishap, a fall in slippery weather, an accident, or just plain old age can trigger body pains. Once they’re there, easing the pain becomes its own set of problems. Going easy on an injury is step one. Heat and cold can help, and […]

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