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Relax the Winter Aches

December 5, 2017

A cold day chilling your bones, a bout of cold that reaches through each arm and leg, a fun day in the snow that leaves aches, or just an average bout of tension that cricks your neck and back, one or more of these can strike on a winter’s day, so be sure to have […]

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Support Your Skeleton

October 25, 2016

Halloween seems like the perfect time to talk about the skeleton inside of you, not just because skeletons decorate doors and bones litter yards, but because the start of the colder season means a natural wane to bone density. Let’s cover what you’ve already heard, first: pretty much everyone benefits from a calcium supplement. If […]

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During winter, bones need a little extra support. Bone density naturally waxes and wanes, depending not just on diet, but on the time of year, what city you live in, how old you are, your race (and other genetic factors), and more. You can’t control everything (like your genes) but you can get ahead of […]

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Don’t Let Your Vitamin D Drop

September 24, 2015

As winter comes, everyone is going to naturally spend more time inside, and Vitamin D levels will drop. Do you know what else drops during the winter? Bone density. What most people don’t know (because the medical profession takes a very lazy approach to it) is that your bone density fluctuates all the time: time […]

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Worried about memory loss as you age? A new study has found a strong correlation between not having enough Vitamin D, and losing memories. Past studies have found other links between Vitamin D and memory. Vitamin D plays a key role in facilitating neuron communication (which you want to be fast and efficient). Having enough […]

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